Naagin Season 2 29th October 2016 Written Update Episode 7th- Colors Nagin 2 Seventh Episode

Nagin Season 2 29th October 2016 Written Update Episode 7th– Colors Nagin 2 Seventh Episode on

The Serial will continue with the scene in which Avantika and Yamini are coming inside the home after to handle the Police officer. Yamini asks Avantika that where is Shivanya, sorry where is Shivangi? Where is she? Avantika tells to Yamini that Shesha takes Shivangi with her. Yamini gets shocked to hear this. She thinks that Shesha will take her with herself only to get Naagmani. So that I will not take her this.

After this, Yamini gets red in an anger. She says to Avantika that I am going to find out Shesha aka Adaa Khan aka Ruchika. Here Shesha hangs Shivangi in her snake tail. She is trying to hypnotize her but Shivangi is getting shocked and scared. She is not able to say anything. She is in trauma by thinking about her mother Shivanya aka Mouni Roy. She is asking to Shesha that why you people killed my mother. Must see:- Naagin Season 2 23rd October 2016 Written Update

Yamini and Mahesmati are going to the forest just to save Shivangi’s life because Shivangi is the only one who will bring naagmani for us. They reached there and sees that Shesha is catching Shivangi in her snake tail. They are saying to Shesha to save Shivangi at any cost. So that, you will not hurt her. Shesha says that I will kill her because I will never let her to snatch my Rocky from me.

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Naagin Season 2 29th October 2016 Written Update Episode 7th:

Here Shivangi who is not Shivangi in real. She is Shivanya and she recalls everything that how she planned to save Shivangi’s life. Actually, Shivanya was going to Shivangi’s room before Yamini and send her to the Shiv temple for her safety. In real, she is Shivanya who is stucking in Shivangi’s snake tail.

After some time, Shesha throws Shivanya from the height but here Yamini and all other people think¬†that Shesha killed Shivangi because they think Shivanya is already dead. Here Shivangi is sitting in a Shiv temple and she is getting so much nervous to think about her mother. Here Yamini says to Shesha to bring Shivangi’s body here otherwise Rocky will never accept this reality.

Naagin Season 2 29th October 2016 Written Update:

Finally, Shivangi and Gurudev are giving fire to Shivanya’s body. After some time, she is coming back to home and she is trying to find out something. Finally, she gets a book which is named as ‘Naag Lok.’ She reads out that book and comes to know that she will come to know her reality only when she will become 25 years old. She decides that she will take revenge from every person who has killed her mother.

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