Naagin Season 2 31st December 2016 Written Update Episode 25th- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin Season 2 31st December 2016 Written Update Episode 25th- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Shivangi takes naagin avatar and comes in front of the Mahish. Here Anky 2 is falling down on the stairs of the temple and screams very badly. Here Shivangi is going to search out Rudra by facing a lot of difficulties and problems but she is not taking a back step for a while. Finally, she meets Rudra and brings him outside safely. She gets so happy to see Rudra alright there. Yamini asks what happened? He says that my body is burning, I feel like someone was throwing a boiled water on me and my skin is burning.  Yamini thinks maybe your drama is now started. After some time, Anky gets up and says that I am alright. Yamini says that I know you are a big drame baaj. He says no but you never understand because you are a fool.

Yamini says that we will go inside and then finds out why Shivangi and Rocky are not coming here yet. Here Shivaay brings Rudra back and then gets faint very badly. Here Rocky is trying to find out Shivangi. He shouts and says that I will save you Shivangi because I love you a lot and I will save you at any cost. Rudra hears Rocky’s voice and he gets disappear for some time. After some time, Rocky is going from there. Rudra is coming there and takes Shivangi to the Shiv Mandir. He tells everything to Gurudev. He says that Shiv ji will save her today. He gives a water to Rudra and says him to feed this water to Shivangi. After some time, Shivangi is coming in the conscious state. She gets happy to see Rudra there. But Rudra informs her that how Rocky was searching her in the forest. Shivangi says to Gurudev that I am going now. Here Kapalika says to Yamini that if we won’t start this pooja within 5 minutes then we never see naagmani again in this life.

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Naagin Season 2 31st December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Rocky is coming there and says to Yamini that Shivangi was getting missed due to the bad storm. Yamini gets shocked and asked how? Rocky is feeling so bad. Shesha gets so happy and thinks that finally, she will become Rocky’s wife. Suddenly, Shivangi is coming there in a very bad condition. He asks her where were you? Shivangi makes a story and says that I was getting faint that time. But when I came in a conscious state then I am coming here. Rocky says to Yamini that I am going to the Doctor’s clinic first by taking Shivangi because her health is not good. Yamini starts to do an emotional drama and convince them to do this pooja. Finally, Shivangi and Rocky are sitting in the pooja. Yamini and Kapalika are seeing Naagmani on the red cloth. After to chat some mantras, Kapalika says that now pooja is getting finished. Yamini says that we will be going to Panchnair Haweli. Anky 2 says to Yamini that we have to go to meet Mahish Guru now.

Yamini says ok. Mahish is coming to talk to Yamini because he is getting scared when he came to know that two ichchadhari naagin’s are present in his house. He tells everything to Yamini about the presence of two naagins in the home. Rudra says to Shivangi to give divorce to Rocky as soon as possible. Rudra gives poison to Shivangi to feed Rocky. Shivangi agrees. Here Rocky sees someone who is giving a bribe to one masked man to kill Shivangi as soon as possible. Here a masked man will try to kill Shivangi. Rocky will comes there and counter attack him and puts him down very badly. Click here-> Naagin 2 25th December 2016 written update. Here all people are coming back to the home whereas Shivangi is applying an oitment on her leg injury. Rocky is coming there and starts to apply an ointment on her leg. He takes her leg and puts on her laps. A song plays on,’Tu Safar Mera, Hai Tu Hi Meri Manjil, Tere Bina Gujara, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.’

Naagin Season 2 31st December 2016 Written Update Episode:

After to apply an ointment, Rocky gets up from there. Shivangi catches his hand and starts to apply a medicine over there. He is getting emotional and says that I want to hear that you are happy with me. He convinces her to say something. Shivangi says that I don’t know. Rocky says that why? What is this? You are changing your words again and again. One side you are keeping a fast for me and another side you are not happy with me. He asks what do you want? Don’t you need me? Shivangu bursts out and says that why are you asking a lot of questions to me everytime? Why? After this, she is going from there and thinks that why I am getting attracted towards Rocky, Why I am falling in love with me? Why? I have to check out his love deepness. Here Rocky says that I will break this marriage tonight after Karwa Chauth. Shivangi thinks that she will check out after this Karwa Chauth night that Rocky loves her truly or not? Here Anky is trying to search out something and Yamini is coming there. She asks what are you doing here? Anky replies that I am trying to search out Maheesh Guru horn.

If we won’t search out the Naagmani then he will kill us. Yamini says that we have to find out naagmani because if we will get naagmani then nobody will touch us. He says you are right. Yamini says to Anky that finally, we came to know about the naagmani location. Shivaangi hears everything and informs Rudra about this. They are also reaching at the same place where naagmani is located. They are trying to make Yamini scared. They are just trying to stop Yamini from taking naagmani. Suddenly, so many snakes are coming there. Yamini uses her garud locket and send all snakes back from there. She says that nobody will stop me today.

Suddenly, Shivangi and Rudra are bringing storm there by using their super natural powers. After some time, Yamini and Anky 2 are running away from there. After some time, they are going to meet Maheesh Guruji where he scolds them very badly by asking where is my horn? Anky is folded her hands and says that please forgive us and we will definitely bring your horn back here at any cost.


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