Naagin Season 2 4th December 2016 Written Update Episode 18th- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin Season 2 4th December 2016 Written Update Episode 18th- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Yamini, and all other killers are digging a hole and puts a snake inside it. This is nobody else, this is Rudra’s body. Shivangi is coming there and then gets shocked to see that Rudra is dead. After some time, Shivangi opens the hole again and brings Rudra out from the hole.

She is doing hard to make him alive again. She brings Rudra in the Shiv Temple. She asks Gurudev to save Rudra’s life as soon as possible. After to see Rudra’s condition. Gurudev says that he is dead and there is not any solution to save Rudra. Shivangi cries a lot and then makes a request to Gurudev to save him at any cost. After to think a lot. Gurudev says there is only one solution and that is, you have to go into the sea and brings a medicine for him before sunrise.

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He says that if sun rays will touch you or Rudra then nobody will save Rudra. Shivangi says that I will go into the sea and brings that medicine for Rudra by keeping it safe from Sun rays. He says ok. Shivangi is coming near to the sea and then goes into the sea. A prawn is catching Shivangi’s snake tail. But she fight with it and goes near to the medicine. She is remembering her god and finally brings the medicine in the Shiv temple for Rudra. She handover that medicine to Gurudev.

Gurudev says Shivangi you have to apply this medicine on his injuries. She applies that medicine on his injury. But when sunrise, the sun rays are falling on Rudra. But he is not responding. Shivangi cries and thinks maybe she got late in bringing medicine for him. Suddenly, Rudra gets up. Gurudev says that Shivangi saved your life by passing through the bad conditions. Finally, She saves Rudra and gives a full treatment to him. Gurudev says that Shivangi lost her super powers during to bring this medicine. But I will give you a Shiva’s medicine through which you will get your powers back.

Rudra says that you saved my life. So that my life is yours from now onwards. Shivangi says no, your life is only Bholenath’s. After this, Shivangi says that if I was getting die then you also did the same. Rudra says ok. After this, Shivangi is going from there and comes back to the home. She thinks that she wasn’t at home last night, if Rocky came to know this, then who will he react.

Naagin Season 2 4th December 2016 Written Update Episode 18th:

Here Rocky is in brother’s room. He is showing so many things to him. But he is looking so irritated and comes out from there. He is going to his room and thinks that Shivangi was threatening him not to come near to her. He feels bad and comes in a hall room where Shivangi is working in the kitchen. Rocky asks where is Badi maa? After some time, Badi maa (Yamini) is coming there.

She says that of my grandson miss me then I am here.  Yamini says ok. Yamini says that I am going to arrange a party for wedding anniversary of my grand-daughter. Rocky says ok and it’s a good idea. After some time, Yamini comes to know that Rocky is wearing a garud mani, if naagin will try to go near to her then she will be falling backside. She is trying to say Shesha about this. But she is not ready to understand Yamini thought. She says that you will never keep me away from Rocky, I will kiss him or hug him. Nobody will stop me. Yamini thinks that when Shesha will hug him then she will falling behind. Let her go. Yamini laughs and goes from there. Click here-> Naagin 2 3rd December 2016 written update

After some time, Shesha takes Shivangi’s avatar and then going to Rocky’s room. Here Rocky’s mother sees two-two Shivangi at home. Yamini comes there and asks what happened? She shows two Shivangi’s to her. Yamini thinks that Shesha is such a mad girl, she will make me stuck anywhere. After this, Shesha is going into Rocky’s room where she hugs him and then falling behind very badly. Yamini comes there and thinks finally, Shesha comes to know that Rocky is wearing a garud mani.

Rocky is trying to help Shesha (who is taking Shivangi’s avatar). But she shouts and says not to come near to me. Yamini comes there and then helps Shesha in getting up.

Naagin Season 2 4th December 2016 Written Update:

After some time, all people are enjoying a lot. Rocky and Shivangi are doing a dance together. Shesha is getting jealous and hence Yamini is trying to handle her. She says that we are only 6 people left who are badly awaited for the naagmani. Suddenly, Ankush Raheja is coming there and calls Yamini. She gets shattered to see Ankush Rajeha there.

But Yamini thinks tha she have to touch his feets now. Rocky asks who is he? Yamini says that he is Akhilesh ji and he is my jeth ji. Rocky says you never told me about him. Yamini says that I went India by leaving everyone in abroad. After that, I got involved in your nurturing and then forgot everything. Shesha gets shocked to think that why is she calling her husband as jeth ji.

After this, Yamini is going to meet her husband Ankush Raheja. Actually, Ankush Raheja knows everything about Yamini. So that she is pleading him just to save herself. Here Rudra and Shivangi are talking to each other about Yamini and Ankush Raheja. Rudra says that I have to find out Ankush and then asks him everything. If we will get all information about Yamini then we will easily handle her.

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam what is this rockyis so sweet and he rocks in the serial .shivangi his rockys wife why she can’t find that rockys love is true and he is not the partner of yamini .and rocky is so innocent he don’t no anything about yamini and shivangi he only love deeply shivangi .and one thing shivangi must know that yamini use rocky and she fools rocky .and has a wife shivangi should know the truth of rocky and she should accept rockys love and she should save rocky from yamini and shesha .

    Rocky dint do anything but why he should be punished and he did not get his love also why .we fans wish that shivangi should know the truth of rocky and she should realise rockys love and accept rocky .
    Will shivangi find the truth and accept rocky?
    Will shivangi save rocky from yamini and sheaha ?
    Rocky and shivangi love and romance is closed will it start again ? can we fans accept again love and romance in between rocky and shivangi?

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