Naagin Season 2 5th November 2016 Written Update Episode 9th- Colors Nagin 2 Ninth Episode

Naagin Season 2 5th November 2016 Written Update Episode 9th- Colors Nagin 2 Ninth Episode on

The Naagin 2 upcoming episode will continue with the scene in which the serial starts with the scene in which Shivangi is coming to Rocky’s home with her counsin. They are taking inside the home from the backside door. They are coming in the kitchen. Suddenly, a chef is coming there and asks them who are you?  Shivangi says that we are coming from the caterer.

Actually, we know very well how to prepare a good food. Chef says to them that you people come with me and I will assign you a work. Shivangi says ok to him and they are going with him.

Shesha asks Avantika why did she call her so many times? What happened? Avantika says it is time, so we have to go now because it’s a perfect time. Rocky’s cousins are dancing a lot and then they also call Rocky to join them for a dance. Here Avantika and Yamini are dancing a lot on the song ‘Shaam Hai Jaam Hai.’

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Here Shivangi is making a full proof plan to take a revenge from all the killers who have killed her mother Shivanya aka Mouni Roy. She is talking to her cousin about her plan. They make such type of plan due to which Shivangi will get marry to Rocky and then take revenge from all people. Apart from this, she will kill Rocky during her wedding night.

Naagin Season 2 5th November 2016 Written Update Episode 9th:

After some time, Rocky is seeing Shivangi’s face in Shesha’s face. A song plays on ‘Tu Safar Mera, Tu hi Mera Khuda.’ Whereas Rocky starts to do a dance with Shesha in front of all. They are getting romantic and feels something special. After the dance, Rocky hugs Shesha very tighly. Shesha says that I know you feel something special for me.

I know one day will come when you feel something special for me. Rocky comes in a conscious state and then throws Shesha away from him. Yamini is coming there and brings her new friend Poonam there who read out the face of any people. Rocky come there. Poonam takes his hands and says that tsunami will be coming soon into your life.

Rocky gets shocked. She says that you would be wife is from another universe, she doesn’t belong to our region. Rocky says what? She says that I always read out the face of people but I am unable to read your face. Rocky says why if you read everybody’s face then why not mine.

Shesha sees it and then goes near to Yamini. She says to Yamini to stop this lady from telling future because she will unfold everything. Yamini goes near to her and stops her. Shesha is standing near to her. She takes Shesha’s hand and then says that I am ok. Yamini says that leave her hand and tell me about myself.

Naagin Season 2 5th November 2016 Written Update:

She says to Yamini that your daughter-in-law is a kali naagin and be aware from this. After some time, Rocky sees Shivangi in the kitchen but when he is going there to check out her, she hides from him. After some time, Shivangi takes a knife in her hand just to kill Rocky but when she is about to kill him, she gets stopped herself. She cries a lot and thinks that how can I kill him. I love him a lot. But then she decides that she will kill him one day at any cost because he killed her mother.

After some time, Yamini, Shesha, Avantika, and rest Mahesmati’s are going into the jungle because a naagmani is going to flash out today. Shivangi is also going behind them. They are sees naagmani and gets so happy by thinking that, they will steal naagmani from there. But when Maheshmati’s try to take naagmani then naagraaj cuts them. But when Shesha tries to take that mani. She feels a supernatural force due to which she is falling backward.

After some time, Shivangi is trying to take that mani. So that, she can easily take that mani. She thinks that if Yamini and all other people come to know about my this quality then they will take me away. After some time, Yamini takes Avantika and Shesha to the hotel where Shivangi and Gautami are sleeping. All people are going there and get Shivangi there.

Shivangi is trying to run away from there but Yamini catches her very tightly. Even Yamini is trying to kill Gautami. Shivangi says her to leave her sister now. Yamini says that we need you because we know you can easily take that naagmani. So that’s why you can help us. She orders them to bring both of them to the shiv mandir where naagmani is situated. After some time, they all are reaching near to naagmani.

Avantika says to Shivangi to take naagmani from here now. Shivangi says no to them. Avantika slaps her very badly. Yamini says that you can take it now. Shivangi says that I will give my life but I will not take this naagmani. Shesha says ok you just give your life. Yamini stops Sesha and says that we have to play some politics now. She says to Shivangi that makhi will take your sister’s blood, if you want to save her then take this naagmani.

After some time, Shivangi wakes up and thinks that she was just seeing a dream and nothing else. She gets scared to see all this drama in her dream. She says to Shivangi that if you will stay with me then, they will kill you also. So you have to go now from here. Otherwise, I am going from here.

Shivangi is coming into the jungle and asks to god that what can I do to defeat all the killers. Suddenly, lights lighten up in the sky. She is falling down from the height and she is fine. Shivangi gets shocked to see this. After some time, she becomes naagin.

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