Naagin Season 2 7th January 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin Season 2 7th January 2017 Written Update Episode 26th- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Kapalika tells Yamini that I will prove that Shivangi is an icchadhari naagin. Apart from this, she will capture Rudra with Shivangi in her cave as soon as possible. Here Shivangi is going to kill someone and then grip someone in her tail. She says that I will kill you today at any cost. Here Rocky is going outside and then loses balance during to drive a car and then meets with an accident with the crane. After that, crane’s fork falls on the car.

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Naagin Season 2 7th January 2017 Written Update Episode 26th:

Her Rocky is getting angry to see Shivangi with Rudra. He catches her hand and then brings her in the room. After to come in the room, Rocky asks her that what are you doing there. If you want to live with Rudra then you have to give me the divorce as soon as possible. Shivangi is getting shocked and then thinks that if Kapalika will tell the truth to everyone that I am an ichadhari naagin. She does something and then they heard Yamini’s sound in which she is calling Shivangi outside. Shivangi says to Rocky that maa is calling me outside. So please let me go outside. He is getting angry but he is giving a permission to her. After some time, Shivangi takes Yamini’s avatar and then talks to Kapalika. Shivangi in Yamini’s body says to Kapalika that let we are going to your den. Kapalika says that ok let we go there and I will show you the truth of Shivangi. After some time, Kapalika and Shivangi are reaching inside the den where Shivangi takes her real avatar that she is not Yamini. Kapalika is getting shocked. Suddenly, Rudra is also coming there. Kapalika gets shocked to see them. She says who are you coming here? Rudra says that we are coming here to kill you by the help of our Isht Devta Bholenath. He always helps us in taking revenge from our enemies.

Naagin Season 2 7th January 2017 Written Update Episode 26th:

Kapalika laughs and says that I am wearing a kavach. So that you will never touch me. Shivangi says that don’t you worry, how will we kill you? You just wait and watch because your death is about to coming now. Shivangi says that you didn’t think for a second before to kill my mother, she got died just to save my life that time. But nobody was showing concern and care for her when she was pleading to sacrifice her life. But you people didn’t hear her and killed her finally. So that today I will take revenge of my mother’s death and that’s why I will kill you today. Rudra makes her fall on the floor. Shivangi takes Kapalika in her tail and goes outside in the forest where she is putting Kapalika on the floor again and again just to injure her. At last, Kapalika is getting die and Shivangi’s revenge is getting complete for this time. There are total six people who were killed Shivangi’s mother. This time only four people are left. Shivangi says that Rudra that we will kill rest people too. Rudra says that you don’t worry, I am always with you. After some time, Shivangi is coming back to the home where Rocky scolds her badly. He says to Shivangi that I told you not to go outside the home and now you are coming here from an outside. Why? Why were you going outside? Why? I told you if you are not happy with me then. They both are getting into the bad controversy. Yamini comes there and asks what are you doing? Are you fighting? Rocky is about to make an excuse. But Shivangi says that yes badi maa, we are fighting here because Rocky is not wearing this locket. Actually, I am scared to see everything what happened in this house. Yamini catches Rocky’s ear and asks why are you not listening Shivangi. She is thinking good for your life. Then, why are you not thinking for Shivangi’s feelings. Rocky is not ready to wear but Yamini makes him to wear the locket. Here Shesha, Avantika, and Yamini are coming to meet Kapalika. But they don’t get Kapalika in her den. Yamini says to Shesha to find 0ut Kapalika now. Here Shivangi is coming to the Rocky in the bed room and a song plays on,’Pal Bhar Thahar Jaao, Dil Ye Sambhal Jaaye, Kaise Tumhe Roka Karu, Meri Taraf Aata, Har Gum Fisal Jayaye.’ She is lying just near to Rocky whereas Rocky says to her never go apart from me, I loves you a lot. Shivangi replies that I am always near to you. You don’t worry.

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