Naagin Season 2 9th October 2016 Written Update Episode 2nd- Colors Nagin 2 Second Episode

Naagin Season 2 9th October 2016 Written Update Episode 2nd- Colors Nagin 2 second Episode Updates on

The One of the high TRP show of the Colors channel is Naagin Season 2 (Nagin 2) which is aired on Saturday and Sunday only at 8-9 PM. So many people are curiously waiting for this show. But now as we already watched out Naagin 8th October 2016 First episode and now curiously waiting for the second episode. Yes, guys this show will be going to telecast on 8th October 2016. Check here other Upcoming Hindi Serials. So here we are going to give a Naagin 9th October 2016 written update of the second episode.

The show starts with the scene in which Shivangi’s condition is getting so bad and Rocky thinks that why I am getting so attracted towards her. Here Shivangi is getting faint. He thinks that why she is so alluring. Why I am feeling so engaged towards her. Rocky says to her to please get up because I don’t want to see you like this. Please get up. Here Police is trying to find out Rocky and Shivangi.

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Police is coming in a forest where they get Rocky and Shivangi. They both are getting perked in a snow falling storm. Police brings them out. Whereas Yamini is coming there and calls Rocky as her shona babu. Rocky smiles and goes with her. He calls her as badi maa. Here Shivanya is talking with the Ritik’s phot which is hanging on the wall. She complaints that why he left her in between the way of life. Actually, Ritik died before some time in a storm. She feels so alone.

Naagin Season 2 9th October 2016 Written Update:

Aftre some time, Police brings Shivangi at her home and handover her to Shivanya. So that, Shivanya is getting so tensed and upset by thinking about her daughter. She talks to her brother about Shivangi’s marriage. Here Yamini asks about the girl with whom Rocky was getting stuck in the storm. They show all the videos to Yamini which they have recorded in the bakery. But Yamini doesn’t get any clue about Shivangi in the videos.

She tells to Rocky’s friend that you will put your eyes on Rocky all the time. They makes a promise to Yamini about this. Here Shivanya is doing work in the kitchen. Shivangi comes there and says sorry to her. Shivanya informs her about the boy who is coming at their home to see Shivangi for an alliance. Shivangi denies. But Shivanya makes her ready by giving an emotional lecture all. She also asks her, is there any boy in her life. If she likes someone then I am ready to meet him for your alliance. Shivangi says no.

After so many efforts, Shivangi says that I am ready to meet that boy. After some time, a boy and his family are coming at Shivanya’s home just to meet her daughter. Shivanya fixes Shivangi date with that boy. Mona and her sisters are also getting ready to go with Shivangi when she will meet with that boy.  Here Shesha meets Rocky by taking human avatar. She is trying to trap Rocky in her fake love.

Naagin Season 2 9th October 2016 Written Episode:

But Rocky is already attracted towards Shivangi. After some time, Shesha and Rocky are coming in a pub. They both are taking so many drinks there. After some time, Shivangi, Mona, and her sister are coming to the same pub. Rocky starts to stare Shivangi very badly. Due to which Shesha gets annoyed. She is trying to see that girl but when she looks behind, Shivang gets down to take something.

In the second episode of Naagin, Shivangi (Shivanya’s daughter) says that how dare he? Her cousin sisters are asking her what happened? Shivangi says that how dare he proposed me? I will not marry him. They asked whom? She says that Rocky, the bloody guy.He tried to propose me. But I will not trap in his plan. Here Shesha is talking to Rocky about something, which you will come to know in the further episode. Actually, Shesha made a plan with Rocky just to take revenge from Shivanya. She is trying to bring Shivangi’s reality in front of her that she is naagin and her mother Shivanya is also naagin. Let see what will happen. But whatever, this show is really spicy and outstanding.  Makers of the show bring a lot of turns and twists which will increase an interest. Must check out all written episodes of Naagin 2 Written Update.

After some time, Shesha starts to dance on tthe song ‘Sajna Ji Hot Hot, Shugna Ki Rat Rat, Main Naagin Naagin, Main Naagin ae Dance Nachna.’ Rocky looks towards her. After to hear this nagin song, Shivangi gets sweat up. Mona gets tensed, she asked her what happened? Shivangi replied that I don’t know, let me go to the washroom. Here Rocky comes near to Shesha. Suddenly, she feels something restless and fishy.  She is going to instruct DJ and says him to change the song.

Naagin Season 2 9th October 2016:

So that DJ starts to do flirt with her. Shesha says to come outside with her just to do another type of dance. DJ man gets mesmerized and ready to come with her. Shesha is doing magic with her eyes on him. Here Shivangi is coming outside and she is waiting for Aditya. Rocky is also coming there and he starts to talk to Shivanya. He asks her what happened? She tells everything to Rocky that she is waiting for the boy which was fixed by her family. Rocky gets jealous and offers a dance to her.

Shivangi denies. He insists her and also gives an idea that if your fiance will see you with me then we will see how will he react? Shivangi gets ready to do a dance with him. They are coming on the floor and dances together. Afer some time, Rocky says to her that you may go now because I don’t want to do dance anymore. Here Shivanya is getting tensed to think about Shivangi because she is not coming back to home yet and it’s too late.

Here Shivanya is trying to kill DJ man by using her supernatural powers. Suddenly, Aditya is coming there and sees everything. Shesha says him to go from here. She also slaps Aditya very badly. He gets scared and goes from there. Shivangi calls him and asks where are you. Aditya pick up the calls and says that I am not coming today to meet you. Shivangi gets shocked.

Next day, Yamini and all other family members are doing a lot of preparations for Rocky’s birthday. After to celebrate his birthday. Yamini says him that I have a big birthday gift for you. Rocky asks what? She calls Shesha there and announced their engagement. Shesha is looking so good in a golden gown. But when they are about to exchange their rings. Suddenly, Rocky says that I want to talk to you something urgent. Yamini and Shesha are getting shocked. Here Aditya is coming at Shivangi’s home. He tells everything about what he saw there. He saw a Naagin there. Shivanya gets shocked.

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