Naamkaran 10th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 10th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Avni and Asha are talking to each other about their movie. Avni says that it’s really a difficult task for me to write a script. This is really difficult. Asha says that the work is difficult only when we can’t start it. But when we can do that work, that work is getting easier day by day. Avni says that this is so difficult and how can I earn my name?

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Asha says to get a success is not so easy as we think. It’s really a difficult task but no so as we get tired. We have to do our work in continuity, without any negative thoughts, and to keep an energy of getting fail. So that when you feel that you are not getting any idea then you have to think the work from starting. Avni says that I remember that day when I asked you who am I?

Avni starts to write a story with by adding some idioms and phrases. She is writing a good story. Here Neela calls Aladin outside to meet him. He asks why are you calling me here? She says that I am calling you here because I want to help Avni. He asks why? You just go and says her hat ou want to help her. She says that I will say but Avni won’t get ready to take my help.

So that I called you here to help Avni via you. As we know Dayawanti will never get Avni success in making this film. She will withdraw all the investors who will take a step forward to help Avni. Aladin says that I am getting your help but you makes me a promise that you won’t go out from this help. Neela says never, I won’t do this. She says that I want to help Avni by becoming a secret investor for the film.

Naamkaran 10th December 2016 Written Episode: 

Aladin and Asha are talking to each other about Avni and her story which she was writing last night. They both are getting mesmerized to see that story. Aladin says that lets we make a film budget. After some time, Avni is coming back to the home from the school where Aladin and Asha are talking to each other about the financier. Asha asks what happened?

Asha asked her how you write this story. Avni says that I was sitting in front of bappa and then I wrote this automatically. Asha is getting emotional. After this Avni asks  who is financing our movie. Aladin is making an excuses. Ashsa forced him to tell finaciers name. Aladin says that champak maggie is the finacier of our film. Avni says what kind of finaceir he is? Aladin says that how we think about him.

Naamkaran 10th December 2016 Written Episode: 

Avni is talking to Asha that who will we get actors for our film? Aladin is coming there and says that you don’t worry, we will do something. He says that we will get those actors who will not get buy by Dayaben’s hand at any cost. So that we will do hard to find out some faces. Avni says you don’t worry, we will do hard to do this.

Here Neela is thinking that how will she take revenge from Dayaben and who will she help Avni in her life because if she will offer her a help then she never takes her help. So that she will do something due to which Avni will be getting happy. Click here-> Naamkaran 9th December 2016 written update

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