Naamkaran 10th October 2016 Written Episode 27th Update

Naamkaran 10th October 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 27th, Namkaran 10th Oct 2016 on

The Serial Naamkaran continue with the scene in which Avni and Ali are sitting in a school bus. They are going to their school. Suddenly, Alia sees Asha when she is running behind the school bus. Alia shouts and stop the bus. He says to Avni that mother india, I mean your Ammi. Oh I mean your mummy is running behind the bus. Avni ignores. Ali is going outside and then take a lunch tiffin from Asha. He handovers that tiffin to Avni.

Avni is going to her school where she is thinking about her father only. She is sitting in her classroom where she starts to write in her notebook about her father that I will not be angry with my father, I will not be angry with my father, I will not be angry with my father. Suddenly, Tia is coming there. She snatches that notebook and starts to shouts very badly. She laughs a lot. Avni gets up and says to her to return her notebook but she is going in the front and says to all children that she is going to tell something spicy.

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Naamkaran 10th October 2016 Written Update Episode 27th:

Avni says to her to stop all this and gives her notebook back to her. But Tia is not ready to hear her. She calls all the lines which were written by Avni on her notebook. All children laughs. Avni gets angry and she snatches her notebook from her hands. Here Daya is doing a lot of emotional drama in front of Ashish just to provoke him against Avni and Asha. But he is not ready to see all these drama’s of Dayaben. She is so notanki baj, he thinks. Must see Naamkaran 8th October 2016 written update.

Avni starts to beat Tia. They are indulging into a fight. Ali is trying to separate them. But suddenly, a teacher is coming there and she punishes Avni. She tells her to go in a corridor and raise her hands. Ali is going behind her. But teacher stops him. All children laughs. Here Asha is coming to talk to her friend. She tells everything to her friend that how is Avni tensed? How is she looking nervous all the time?

Suddenly, her friend’s husband is coming there and tells that why are you hiding all this from Avni? If you people are not wrong then why are you hiding all this from her. Avni gets upset. He also said that last night Dayaben threw Ashish out of the house. Asha gets shocked and goes from there.

Here Neela and Hemant are talking to each other about Neela’s mother. Hemant says to her that I have a big surprise for you. Neela asks what? Hemant starts a recorded audio in which Neela’s mother is saying so many lovely and emotional lines. Due to which Neela and Hemant are crying a lot. Hemant is trying to handle Neela. He is giving an emotional support to her.

Naamkaran 10th October 2016 Written Update:

Here Dayaben calls Ashish’s friend (who is also a son-in-law of Dayaben). But when he comes to an office, Dayaben scolds so many employees. He gets scared to see all this. She asks some tea coffee to him. He denies. Dayaben says him to take something, it’s good for you. He says that I need a coffee. She rings a bell and orders him a lassi. But he interupt and says that I don’t need lassi, I need coffee.¬†Dayaben says that lassi is good for your health, coffee effects your health. He feels something odd but he controls himself. Here Avni principal is coming there and asks Avni what is this? Avni says I don’t want to give any explanation.

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