Naamkaran 12th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The StarPlus most demanded show which is named as Naamkaran upcoming track will show that Avni is talking to Hemant Bhai in a hall room. She asks him about his name. He replies that my name is Hemant Bhai Patel. Avni smiles and asks Hemant and Bhai, both names are related to you how?

Hemant replies that parents put my name Hemant and friends use Bhai after my name. Dayaben is coming there gets shocked to see Avni and Hemant Bhai together. Hemant asks Avni’s name? She replies that my name is Avni. Hemany thinks, maybe she is that girl for whom Neela was thinking for.

He says to Avni to wait for him here. He is going to bring Neela there. Before them, Dayaben comes there and takes Avni in her room. Dayaben is coming to talk to Avni. She says to Avni that you tell me how much money you want? If you want a money then I will give you but I have one condition. Avni asks what? Dayaben says that you will leave this city forever whenever you will get money from my side.

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Naamkaran 12th November 2016 Written Episode:

Avni gets angry and says to Dayaben that I don’t want any money. Even I will not leave this city on anybody’s words. I have to live here and proves you. Dayaben says that you don’t know me what I am? Avni says that I know you very well but you don’t know me who I am? Dayeben gets angry. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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Here Ashish, Neela, and Hemant are coming there where Hemant leaves Avni before some time, But now they don’t get Avni there. Neela is getting curious to meet her. Ashish is trying to handle her. Hemant says to Neela that Ashish is saying right, so you have to get relax for some time.

Here Asha says to Taai that I am worried about Avni, she is safe there or not? Taai replies that yes she is safe there, you don’t worry. Asha says to Taai that I am worried about money because it will be getting finish soon but expenses will not get finished. What can I do? Taai says that there is some work in my husband’s office, I will talk to him.

Naamkaran 12th November 2016 Written:

Suddenly, Avni is coming there. Asha gets so happy to see her. She asks what happened to you? Avni says I am alright, you don’t worry. She says to her mother that sh will earn her name and you will do work. Here Ashish says to Ketan now maa is giving you a big responsibility. Ketan says yes because she trusts me. Ketan and Ashish are getting in controversy only on the topic of maa’s nature. He asks why was Avni coming here? He replies, you will ask all this to maa? Ashish says maybe maa didn’t told me anything.

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