Naamkaran 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Ashish is coming to Asha’s home and then claps for her. He says that I was getting die there and you are roaming here by becoming a queen in a yellow suit. Great! He says that you don’t miss me? Do you miss me? She is not replying anything to him. But Ashish is doing a big drama and says that why are you missing me?

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I know why you didn’t miss me? You already get a new boy who is young too. Where is you love Ashwini? What is this going on? Ashish asks her to spend a night with him tonight? What do you think? Asha slaps him very badly and then starts to cry a lot. He says that I want to see this, what you did with me?

Ashish is getting drunk very badly and comes to Asha’s home just to meet her because he was getting angry to see Asha’s pictures with Aladin which was sending by Ketan to him. He is coming to Asha’s home and getting shocked to see Asha and Avni happy without him. He is about to fall down but Asha is coming near to him and holds him tightly.

Naamkaran 13th December 2016 Written Episode:

Suddenly, Avni is coming there and scolds Ashish very badly by saying that don’t you dare to touch my mother. She asks who dare you to come here without our permission. Ashish is feeling so bad after to see Avni’s anger for him. Click here-> Naamkaran 12th December 2016 written update. Avni says him to go from here. Ashish is coming on his knees and then says her to hug him once a time.

Asha says her to go from here now. Avni is going inside. Asha asks him what he want? Ashish says that don’t make the film. Stop this film. You will be getting defame very badly. Ashish added that if you are trying to blackmail me by joining hand with Aladin. So that you have to stop this film as soon as possible. Ashish says that I know you need money and I am giving you the money.

Naamkaran 13th December 2016 Written Episode:

He starts to count a money in front of Asha. But Asha is feeling so bad and she starts to cry a lot. Avni is seeing everything and stands there too. Asha is getting so angry and says Ashish to get out from here now as soon as possible. Even your mother was trying hard to stop me, but she was getting fail. Here Dayaben and Hemant bhai are talking to each other about Neela and Ashish’s marriage.

Dayaben says that we will do this marriage from this home. So that you have to shift here with Neela today. Hemant is saying so many thanks to her for fulfilling his dreams. Dayaben says that I am doing this only because of you. Hemant and Dayaben are getting so happy together. Here Avni and Aladin are making a breakfast for Asha jusyt to make her happy.

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