Naamkaran 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts when the Avni is coming back to the home after to meet with the Police Officer. Ali is going back to his home. Avni takes a cab for going back to Mehta Mansion. But she doubts that taxi driver. She stops the car and then runs outside. Taxi Driver and some other goons will catch her and makes her faint by putting chloroform cloth on Avni’s nose. Read more-> Naamkaran 14th January 2017 written update

After some time, when Avni wakes up. She gets a woman there with kidnappers. She says to Avni that your eyes are so beautiful just like Heeramatan. She takes Avni somewhere and Avni is looking so much scared. After some time, that lady puts Avni in the room where two children have been already kept.

Read more-> Naamkaran Written Update

Naamkaran 13th January 2017 Written Update:

Avni asks them who are you? They are replying that we don’t know who is this lady? Avni asks their name? He replies my name is Aman and her name is Gauri. Avni gets emotional after to hear Aman name. She asks why they kept us? They are replying these people are so bad and they brought us here for alms.

Here Neela is getting tensed because Avni is not coming back to the home yet. She asks Sikander Chacha about Ani. He tells everything that Avni was going to the hospital and then Dayaben saw them on the way. From where Avni as running out from his car and after that, he didn’t get Avni anywhere. Neela says that I was waiting for her from last night.

Naamkaran 13th January 2017 Written Episode:

Here some goons are coming there and takes all children outside. Avni shouts very badly. That stranger lady is coming there and asks what happened? Here Dayaben brings police at the home and says this is Neela. Neela gets shocked to see Police there. Dayaben says that she was at home with Avni behind us. Neela says yes I was with her but it doesn’t mean that I did something. Police arrested her and bring her at the police station where Police Inspector asked her a number of questions.

But Neela is trying to solve this issue but Inspector is not ready to understand her issue. He blames Neela that you are a step mother of Avni and that’s why I have a full doubt on her. Here a stranger lady asks Avni what happened? Avni replies that we want to go back to our home. She says that I will drop you at your home. Avni gets happy to come with her. But she brings those children somewhere else. Avni asks her where are you bringing us? She slaps Avni and then she gets faint there.

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