Naamkaran 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The StarPlus most demanded show which is named as Naamkaran upcoming track will show that so many reporters are coming in front of Avni’s home whereas Tiku is trying to control them. But they are not ready to hear anything. Suddenly, Avni, Ria, and Alia are coming outside from the home.

All the reporters are getting so shocked to see this. Reporters are asking a number of questions to Avni that how can you do that? How can you save Neela’s life? Avni is giving so many answers to them. All the reporters are getting so happy to meet Avni there.

Neela says that I have a good thought about Avni. Ashish and all other people are trying to ask what is going on in Neela’s mind. But she says that she will make a special announcement regarding Avni on an Indian television. But when Neela comes on the TV. Avni sees her.

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Naamkaran 15th November 2016 Written Episode:

Avni says to Asha that I saved this aunty that day. Asha gets shocked. Here Neela says that she want to know Avni for her bravery. She is so brave and intelligent girl. Asha says to Sumi that I have to tell a truth to Avni about Neela and Ashish. Sumi says that maybe Avni will not tolerate this. Asha says that if she will come to know this from an outside then we will face a big problem.

But when Neela calls Avni and her family for the bravery award. Then, Avni is getting so happy to hear this. She says to Asha that we will go there and get an award. Asha is trying to avoid this. But Avni is not ready to hear her. She says to Asha that car is about  to reach here to pick up. So please get ready soon.

Naamkaran 15th November 2016 Written Episode:

Asha says to Avni that it’s ok I will go with you.  Avni is getting so happy. She says to Alia and Kia also to come with her. They are going to their home to get ready for the function. After some time, a car is coming there outside the Avni’s home. Asha is wearing a very beautiful saree and she is looking so nice. Avni is wearing a white frock and looking so excited.

After some time, Alia and Kia are also coming there. Alia is wearing a suit and he asks Avni how am looking now? Avni asks who are you? Alia fumes. Avni laughs and says that I was kidding Alia. Kia is also coming there. Asha, Avni, Kia, and Alia are coming there to sit into the car. Nanu and Tiku are coming there to say bye. All are looking so happy. Finally, they are reaching out from there for the function.

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