Naamkaran 16th September 2016 Written Episode 5th Update

Naamkaran 16th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 5th, Namkaran 16 Sep 2016 on

The Serial Naamkaran continue with the scene in which Tia and Avni are talking to each other in the school. Tia says to Avni that her papa will not come in the school on the sports day. Avni says that my father will definitely come in the sports day function. But Tia is still teasing her very badly. Here Ashish asks Asha what  I will bring for you from Kashmir? Asha says that I want all old moments into my life. Ashish says to her that I will return you all the moments as soon as possible. He says he will talk to his mother and then gives her a new happiness in her life.

Here Dayaben tells to Ashish about his alliance with Neela. Ashish gets angry and breaks his phone in an anger. Neela is getting so happy for her marriage and also dreaming  lot for his new upcoming life. Asha and Avni are thinking about their life without Ashish. Avni is missing her father very badly. Asha handles her and makes her to sleep comfortably.

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Naamkaran 16th September 2016 Written Update Episode 5th:

After some time, Neela and Dayaben are coming to Ashish’s home where Hetal and all other family members are waiting for them. When Dayaben is coming inside. Hetal is coming there and hugs Dayaben very tightly. Hetal says to Dayaben that I am getting so excited to see you here. Daya asks Hetal are you happy? Hetal replies that it’s good my dear, see who is coming with me. Neela is coming there. Hetal says Neela..She hugs her tightly. She welcomes Neela.

Dayaben says to Hetal to bring a pooja thali for Neela. She brings a thali and gives it to Dayaben. She is doing Neela’s pooja and welcomes her inside. Neela calls her maa instead of aunty.Hasmukh brother says to Neela that I will call you Bhabhi from now onwards. Neela gets so happy. Here Ashish is busy in his work. He is talking to other members about the story of the movie. Hasmukh is making a call to Ashish again and again. But he is not picking his call. But after some time, Ashish’s brother makes a call to Ashish and asks him that have you said yes for the marriage. Ashish says no, I  didn’t say anything to maa.  Hasmukh says that maa bring Neela at home and doing aarti of her which is not good for you.

Naamkaran 16th September 2016 Written:

Ashish cuts the call and gets angry a lot. He scolds all spot boys very badly and says them to go from here. All people thinks that what happened with Ashish sir. Is he ok? But Ashish is only thinking about Hasmukh’s words. He is seeing her Avni and Asha’s photo. Ashish is missing them very badly. Her Avni is coming back from her school. She shouts mumma mumma because she is missing her father  a lot. So that’s why she is looking at her father’s poster.

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