Naamkaran 17th October 2016 Written Episode 33rd Update

Naamkaran 17th October 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 33rd, Namkaran 17th Oct 2016 on

The Serial Naamkaran continue with the scene in which Avni is sleeping and here Asha is reading Namaaj in the kitchen by closing the door. Suddenly, Avni gets up and shouts. She calls Mumma, mumma. Avni is coming near to the kitchen and tries to open the door. But Asha opens the door and asks her why she is doing all this. Avni asks what are you doing inside. Asha replies nothing. Avni sees Namaaj and asks her, were you reading it? Asha replied yes.

Avni says that it’s your custom, so you have to do this. Asha says that you are getting big in a single night. Avni replies that I am only 10, so you have to do this. Asha starts to do her pooja. Avni stands there. After some time, Avni says to her that why are you raising your hands? Asha replies that I am praying to god for my family’s happiness. Avni says please don’t do this because god will never hear your wish, he feels pain when you did pray to him.

Here Ashish is laying down on the park’s bench. Suddenly, his phone rings up. Gardener is coming there and says to Ashish that your phone is ringing here. He takes the call where Dayaben calls him the grah shanti pooja. Ashish goes to his home where Daya is waiting for him. She asks him where were you? Ashish says that please accept Asha and Avni. Dayaben replies that I will never accept him.

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Naamkaran 17th October 2016 Written Update Episode 33rd:

Ashish says to her that, please accept my wife and daughter. Even though, Avni denies to call him. She says to Ashish that when Asha and Avni will be coming in this house then our house will be getting destroyed. Ashish shows so many pictures of Asha and Avni. Dayaben gets shocked. She takes those pictures and puts them in the hawan agni. Ashish tries to stop her but she is not ready to hear anything.

Naamkaran 17th October 2016 Written Update:

Ketan starts to interfere in between the matter. Ashish stops him by saying that don’t you have to interfere in between us. Dayaben says that he is your brother and he is having a complete right to talk in between us. I am giving this right to him to interfere in between us. Ketan starts to talk to him. Dayaben says to Ashish that Asha is your rakhel and your children are also illegal.

Ashish is getting angry and he stops everyone by calling Avni as an illegal child. He says that Asha is my legal wife and Avni is my legal children too. Dayaben says that she is not your legal wife because you didn’t take any fire round with each other. Ashish is getting silent.

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