Naamkaran 17th September 2016 Written Episode 6th Update

Naamkaran 17th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 6th, Namkaran 17 Sep 2016 on

The Serial Naamkaran continue with the scene in which Ashish is thinking about his brother’s word. He is getting so much tensed. Here Dayaben and her daughter Hetal are trying to make Neela learn how to make a chapati? They also click her pictures and send them to the Hemant bhai. He is getting so happy to see Neela so happy. But here Ashish is getting so restless in Kashmir.

Avni and Ali are talking to each other. On the other side, Tai ji is coming to talk to Asha. Tai tells to Asha that Naamkaran is very important for every child. So you have to ask for your all rights in your life because this is not only important for you, this is most important for Avni too. Here Dayaben and Neela are talking to each other about Ashish and other related matters. Dayaben is so happy about Neela and Ashish alliance. Neela is also so happy. Even Dayaben tells to Neela to show her rights on Ashish from now onwards because he is your would be husband. Neela feels shy.

Neela says to Dayaben that why are you doing a lot of trust on me? Even I am not making a good chapati. Dayaben says that you don’t worry, I will teach you how to make daal dokri. Neela smiles. Dayaben says that you are gold who will bring a lot of shine in my son’s life. Here Ashish is roaming here and there. Suddenly, he sees a drama in which one wife is scolding his husband because he is doing affair with another woman. Ashish beats that boy who is trying to slap his wife. Police locks his in the lock up.

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Naamkaran 17th September 2016 Written Update Episode 6th:

Here Avni is getting upset and angry too. Asha is coming there and trying to handle Avni. But she is not ready to hear anyone. Suddenly, she hears tune and she shouts Nanna is coming. She is going in hall room and starts to dance on the tune. Asha is also coming outside. Asha’s mother is coming there whose Avni is calling Nanna. She hugs her nani and gets happy a lot. Therefore, Avni is going outside to play for sometime.

Nani says to Asha that your tummy is not coming outside more, then you will give birth to a boy definitely. Asha says that please don’t create any drama. Even Ashish will not like this drama. Nani says what is going on? Asha says that Ashish made me promise that he will talk to her mother for our nikaah as soon as possible. Nani says that I don’t know because he was doing these promises from last 11 years. But doesn’t fulfill yet.

Naamkaran 17th September 2016 Written Update:

After some time, Dayaben decides to talk to Ashish about Neela and Hemant. She makes a call to him and informs him that she told yes to Hemant bhai for Neela’s marriage relationship with us. Ashish gets so angry and then breaks the phone. Here Asha is thinking about tai ji’s words that she have to stand up for her right because it will be good for her daughter Avni too.  Avni is looking so sad because she is missing her father very badly.

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