Naamkaran 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts when the Avni is coming back to the home. Neela is trying to talk to her. But Avni says that I want to go back in my dard room and I don’t want to stay with you in your room. After this, Avni is coming in her dark room and cries alot. Neela is knocking at the door but Avni is not opening the door. Dayaben stands there and laughs a lot.

Suddnely, a rat is coming near to Avni. Sh says I am upset today and don’t have any mood to talk to you. But rat is indicating somewhere. Avni is seeing there and gets Ali outside. She says thankyou to the rat. Avni brings Ali inside where he gets so happy to see Avni. He wishes happy lohri to her. Avni says him to talk slowly. Ali says that I saw a dangerous dream regarding to you.

Avni says to Ali that you are so nice, you help me in reality or in a dream too. Avni asks will you help me after to get younger. Ali says yes Avni, I will help you always in his life. Here Hetal is beating Ria by saying that how dare you take Aman outside? Why you did this? Ria replies very badly. Hetal slaps her again and says that you are getting out of control, you have no sense that how to talk with your mother?

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Naamkaran 18th January 2017 Written Update:

Dayaben comes there and says her to go away from here. Hetal says, Ria is going on the wrong way and that’s why it’s my duty to look after Ria’s habits. Dayaben says that she is my grand daughter and I know how to deal with her. So you just go from here now. Hetal says that Ria is my daughter first and then she will your grand daughter. Dayaben calls Ketan there and complains her against Hetal.

Therefore, Dayaben takes Ria with her and scolds her for taking Amol in her game. Even Dayaben scolds her too. Ria says ok and gets sleep there. Here Avni tells everything to Ali and says that if Dayaben is behind all this, then I won’t leave her. She will behind the bars soon. Ali laughs and says that when Dayaben will go behind the bars and then everything will be getting alright.

Avni asks Ali for the phone. Ali gives his phone back to the Avni. She says that you are the only one who will help me out in every type of problem or situation. She calls someone and asks him to bring the twist in the story as soon as possible. After some time, when Avni is coming back to the home. Neela says her to come in her room. Avni denies to come with her. Read more-> Naamkaran 19th January 2017 written update

Naamkaran 18th January 2017 Written Episode:

Here Dayaben is getting worried and cries a lot. Diksha asks what happened? Why are you crying a lot? Dayaben says that Hemant bhai is in trouble. Diksha asks what happened? Dayaben says a flood is coming in¬†Mateshwar Dhaam and that’s why I am worried because Hemant bhai’s phone is going not-rechable again and again. Neela hears this and gets tensed too. She asks Dayaben about her father and theratens her not to play any game with her. Dayaben syas that sometime, I will play games with my own family members but I never think to play any game against Hemant bhai.

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