Naamkaran 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene starts with the scene in which Avni says to Asha that I have completed my homework. Asha asks so fast? Avni replies that yes, I made you a promise that I have completed my school homework and then do something else. Avni added that I am going to the fashion show auditions. Suddenly, Sumi is coming there and says that I am bringing here a pooran pooli for you.

Sumi says to Asha that you are just ready to prepare tiffins from now onwards. Asha gets so happy. Avni asks why are you doing this? Asha says that I will earn money and runs this house. Apart from this, you will do your study and complete your challenge also. They hug each other and smiles a lot. Suddenly,  Adi is coming there and starts to do a flirt with Asha.

Avni is coming there and asks what is this? He says your mother is so beautiful and I am proposing her. Avni says you will go near to my mummy by crossing my way. He asks really? Fatima is coming there and asks Avni that are you ready for the auditions. She says yes. That boy starts to appreciate Fatima’s beauty. She says that let us go from here. Otherwise, we will be getting late.

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Naamkaran 19th November 2016 Written Episode:

Therefore, Avni, Fatima, and Adi are going to the Auditions venue. Asha and Sumi are standing there to see off Avni and Fatima. Sumi says let me go because he is waiting for me. Asha says ok. Suddenly, Neela is coming there. Asha sees her and then lock the door. Neela is ringing the bell and then Asha opens the door. She shows like she doesn’t recognize Neela. But Neela makes her remember about her that how Avni saved my life.

Asha says ok but Avni is not at home. Neela says ok but can I get one glass water. Asha says ok. Neela is coming inside and then starts to see photographs which are hanging on the wall. Asha brings water for her. Asha asks why were you coming here? Why want you to meet her? Neela says that I want to give a scholarship to Avni, for a life long study as she wants to do.

Asha gets angry and says that I don’t want any charity for my daughter. She is my daughter and I have a right to nurture her at my own. But I don’t need your money and please don’t interfere into my life. Neela says that I don’t have that mean what are you thinking now. I am coming here to help you but sorry if I hurt you. Neela says that I remember your one film dialogue. Neela feels so bad and going from here. Asha gets so hurt and feels bad after doing bad behavior with Neela.

Dayaben is getting tensed to think about Neela. She asks all why is Neela not taking our call? It would be wrong if she will come to know the truth. Ketan is coming there and asks Dayaben what happened? Why are you looking so upset and sad. She replies that I went outside only for 2 days and here Neela met Avni. How? Ketan tells her a complete story that how Avni saved Neela’s life.

Dayaben gets happy to hear that Avni saved Neela’s life from the goons. But she gets worried to think that if she knows that Avni is Ashish daughter then what will happened? Ketan says to her that you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright. Even Avni denied to accept Ashish at her father. So why we are getting worried to think about this. Dayaben gets relax to hear this.

Naamkaran 19th November 2016 Written Episode:

Here Fatima, Avni, and Adi are talking to each other. He says that already 5 girls are selected and one place is left. He says that I am going to do some setting. Avni stops him and says that you won’t go anywhere because I don’t want any setting, I will do all my work at my own. He asks Avni are you nervous? She replies that I am not nervous, I am going to win this competition. Avni is going for her audition. Adi is giving his bets wishes to her.

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