Naamkaran 1st October 2016 Written Episode 19th Update

Naamkaran 1st October 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 19th, Namkaran 1st Oct 2016 on

The Serial Naamkaran continue with the scene in which Avni is missing her father Ashish very badly. She thinks that whether her father will come or not? She asks her mother that papa will come or not? Asha replies that you don’t worry, your father will definitely come there. She added that ofcourse,  he will come because he is your father. Here Ashish is coming back to the home. Dayaben receives him and says him to do something for his mother too. Ashish says that you don’t worry, I will do whatever you will say to me. Dayaben says him to marry Neela. Ashish gets shocked.

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Naamkaran 1st October 2016 Written Episode 19th:

In the next day morning, Avni is going for her sports day function. Se is curiously waiting for her dad. Asha is coming there and asks Avni what happened? Avni says that I am waiting for my dad.  Asha says that you don’t worry he will come soon, you have to concentrate on your race. After some time, Avni’s race begins. But Avni is looking here and there. Asha says her to concentrate on your race and gets a good position in the competition. Must check Naamkaran 30th September 2016 written update.

Avni and Ali are talking to each other. Avni says to Asha that I am praying to god. Here Ali says to Avni that see Kia is also praying to god against you. Ali asks god will listen to whom? Here Hetal gets call of Dayaben. She says what is the surprise? Hasmukh asks what surprise. Hetal says that I don’t know but maa called us home for some surprise. Suddenly, Hasmukh calls someone there.

He calls Ashish also. Hasmukh tells that there is something big for us and which was planned by Dayaben. Ashish asks what happened for which I was scared of. Hasmukh says that Daya will never forgive you if you will not follow her rules. Ashish says  that there is nothing like that. As I told everything to maa and she is not angry, she already accepted Asha and Avni from her heart. Hasmukh says its so good but I have doubt now.

Naamkaran 1st October 2016 Written Episode:

Dayaben is coming there and then asks whom you were talking to now. He shows him phone and says that nobody, I am playing a game on it. Here Avni talks to Asha and says that I will not forgive papa if he will come into my sports day. Asha says that if two people will ask for one thing daily then god will listen their wish at any cost.

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