Naamkaran 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene starts with the scene in which the Neela is coming back to the home where she hugs Dayaben and says sorry to her. Dayaben asks what? She says I saw your call but I am coming here that time, so I didn’t pick your call. Dayaben says ok. She asks where were you? She says I was going to Avni’s home.

Hetal comes there and leaves a plate on the floor. Neela asks what happened? Dayaben says that whenever Hetal is at home and she never leaves a plate, it never happened. Neela smiles a lot. Hetal says that let us go for the lunch. Neela says ok, I am getting so hungry. They are sitting on the dining table.

Avni, Adi, and Fatima  are going for the fashion show whereas Adi says to Avni that only six girls will get select here because here is only 6 places. Avni says it’s ok but if I am talented then they will select me at any cost. After some time, Avni is going to give her audition. Adi gives his best wishes to her. Finally, she got selected and comes back with a more happiness.

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Here Adi is talking to the receptionist man about Avni. He says that she is a bright child and you have to select her. He is saying that Avni is ana atom bomb. Ashish comes there and slaps Adi very badly. Adi asks what happened? Ashish is going from there. After some time, Avni comes there and laughs  a lot. She says to Adi that I got selected. Adi gets so happy. She says ok hold your happiness, you will celebrate when I will win this show. Ashish comes there and says that you will definitely win this show.

Naamkaran 21st November 2016 Written Episode:

After some time, Ashish brings six photographs of girls which were selected in the competition. He says to Daya that I chose a winner before any fashion show, Daya ben says really, you are so fast. He says if you will see the selected photos then you will come to the name of the winner. Dayaben sees photo’s and gets Avni’s photo there. She gets shocked. Next day, Avni says to Adi that you don’t worry, I will win this show. Ashish comes there and says to Avni that yes beta, you will be the winner of this show. Avni looks on.

Naamkaran 21st November 2016 Written:

Here Dayaben is getting shocked to see Avni’s photo. She says that Avni will not win this competition. Ashish says that Avni is a sun and she will shine like a sun one day. Nobody will stop her from getting famous. She will earn her name at her own. Here  Nannu, Adi, and Avni are coming back to the home. Asha gets so happy to see them but when she will come to know that Avni got selected, she gets so happy. But when Adi tells that competition prize money is 1 Cr.

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