Naamkaran 21st October 2016 Written Episode 37th Update

Naamkaran 21st October 2016 Written Episode 37th Update on

The serial continues with the scene in which the Dayaben says to Asha to pack your bags because we are going to my home as you want from last some years. But don’t you pack your illegal daughter’s bag now. Asha gets shocked. She says that my children are not illegal. Dayaben says that, these are just a time pass things and nothing else. But Asha is not ready to accept this.

Suddenly, she heard a toy sound which her Amma is playing always. Asha is going near to the door where she gets her Amma. She says to her mother to go away from here now. Tikku asks Asha what happened? Is everything alright? Asha says please go out from here now. Suddenly, Amma sees Dayaben. She asks Asha who is she? Asha keeps silent.

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Asha’s Amma is coming inside and asks her who are you? Dayaben replies to her that I am the owner of that money tijori for which you people are trying to do fighting with the society from last some years. Amma asks what? Tell me clearly, who are you? Dayaben replies that I am Ashish’s mother. Amma says ohh, great, you are a mother of that scary boy.

Naamkaran 21st October 2016 Written Episode 37th:

Ashish phone is ringing again and again. But he is not nearby to his phone. So that Avni is coming there and she picks up the phone. She asks why are you? On the Otherside, Neela is speaking. She also questioned the same. Avni says firstly I asked the same question, so you give me an answer. Neela laughs and says my father kept my name Neela.

Avni replies to her that my father called me his rock star. Neela asks what is your name rock star. Avni replies that my name is Avni. Suddenly, Asha shouts and asks whose phone is this Avni? Avni replies to her that, this is papa’s phone and someone Neela is calling, maybe she is papa’s friend. Here Neela says that I am not Ashish’s friend, I am her fiance. Avni gets shocked. Must see-Naamkaran 20th October 2016 Written Episode

Naamkaran 21st October 2016 Written Episode:

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