Naamkaran 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene starts with the scene in which the Adi says to Avni that we have to go to meet committee members. She is going inside with Adi. Adi is talking so much. Avni says that I have to think about this competition at my own. Let me think. Aditya sits down keep quiet. After some time, Committee members are calling sponsor of this show and that is Dayawanti Mehta. Avni gets shocked.

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After some time, Dayawanti Mehta is coming there. They both are getting angry to see each other. Let see how will Avni handle her and how will she talk to Dayaben. Stay in touch with us. We will update here tonight and hence you will get all the updates of this show. Click here-> Naamkaran 21st November 2016 written update

Naamkaran 22nd November 2016 Written Episode:

So that Daywanti Mehta is coming there. A committee members is introducing all the contestants with the Dayawanti Mehta. But when he introduces Avni with Dayaben, she is starring at her continuously and get angry too. Avni is also looking towards her but she downs her eyes by thinking about the all past moments in which Daya hurted her.

Dayaben asks Avni have you came here to earn a name? Avni opens her hand and Dayaben is putting a gift there. After this, Dayaben is going from there. But Avni is feeling so bad after to get this gift from Dayaben. Here Asha and Fatima are talking to each other. Actually, Fatima is appreciating Adi for his good heart.

But Asha starts to cry a lot.  Fatima asks what happened and she hugs Asha too. Asha says that Neela was coming here yesterday and I was feeling so bad. Fatima says why was she coming here? Asha says she is innocent and she don’t know anything. She was coming here only for Avni’s goodness.

Fatima says to Asha that if you forgot Ashish finally then why are you thinking about them? Asha says that I forgot him but when I came to remember that any other lady will have a right on Ashish then I am feeling so bad. She cries a lot. Fatima says to Asha that you don’t worry  and you have to live your own life accoridng to your wishes.

Fatima says that I have to search another boy for you as I know you are a good boy. Asha says that why are you rotating the topic like this, I was talking about something else. Here Avni is coming out from there and then cries a lot. She says to Tikku that Dayaben never make me to earn a name. Tikku says what happened? Avni says Dayawanti Mehta is a organiser of this event then how can I win this competition.

Naamkaran 22nd November 2016 Written:

After some time, Dayaben is coming there and says to Avni that you will never earn a name. Avni is getting shocked to see this. They are getting in a bad controversy with each other.

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