Naamkaran 22nd October 2016 Written Episode 38th Update

Naamkaran 22nd October 2016 Written Episode 38th Update on

The serial continues with the scene in which the Avni, Asha, and Ashish are talking to each other. Avni shows some names to Ashish and asks her which one name is best for our upcoming child. Ashish reads out all the names and all names are of girls. Asha asks Avni why are you writing all girls name. Avni says that I don’t like boys, all boys are same.

Ashish says I am a boy. Then why? Avni kisses him and says that you are my papa. But I don’t like boys like Ali. All boys are idiot. So that’s why I am saying all this. Avni, Asha, and Ashish are doing a lot of fun together. Suddenly, Sumi tai is coming there. Asha is coming out and becomes happy to see Sumi tai there.

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After some time, Ashish and Avni are coming there with Avni’s project. Sumi is getting so happy to see them together. Her eyes are filled by tears. Ashish asks what happened Sumi tai? She replies to him that you just go to the temple to take god’s best wishes for your new life.

Naamkaran 22nd October 2016 Written Episode 38th Update:

Avni says you are saying rigth Sumi tai. Now three person are going to the temple and I am here completng my project. Sumi tai who three? Avni says mummy, papa, and my small baby. All people laughs. Ashish and Asha are going to the temple.

Avni is playing in a hall room. Suddenly,  a door knocks. Avni opens the door and asks why are you knocking my door? Who are you? Dayaben replies to Avni that I am Ashish’s mother. Avni gets shocked. She shouts very loudly and calls her mother there. Asha is coming there and she gets shocked to see Dayaben again at her house. She asks her what happened?

Dayaben asks what you want to me? Asha replies that I don’t want anything from you. You please tell me, Is everything alright? What happened? Why are you coming here? If you called my children as an illegal children then you have no need to come here because my Avni doesn’t like this. Must see-> Naamkaran 21st October 2016 Written Episode

Naamkaran 22nd October 2016 Written Episode:

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