Naamkaran 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene starts with the scene in which the Avni, Adi, Fatima, and Asha are at home. They are talking to each other about Avni’s competition. Avni says to Adi to do fast, otherwise, we will be getting late. Suddenly, Adi gets a call and then comes to know that Avni got disqualified from the competition. Avni and Fatima are getting shocked.

Adi says that I am going to talk to them then how they did this? How they disqualified Avni like this? Fatima says to Avni that you don’t worry, I will talk to them. Even I know very well that why they did this? Who is behind this? Here Ketan says to Dayaben that I solved out your problem and throws Avni out from the competition.

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Dayaben is getting shocked and slaps Ketan very badly. Dayaben asks why you did this? Who told you? Ketan says I am trying to solve your problems. Ashish is coming there and asks Dayaben that why you did this? Who told you to do this? I never accept all this from you. Dayaben says that she is an illegal child and I didn’t do anything wrong with her.

Naamkaran 23rd November 2016 Written Episode:

Ashish says that she is not an illegal child, she is my daughter. Dayaben says that I doubt on this and she says one photograph of Asha and Adi in which they are looking so intense, in which they are looking into each other’s eyes. Ashish says that I will never blame her, even I trust her  a lot. Dayaben gets angry and goes from there.

Dayaben decides to plan something against Asha and Avni just to spoil their life. So that she makes Asha arrest by the police. Here Avni and Fatima are getting tensed to think about the competition. Suddenly, Avni gets a call and comes to know that Asha is in the jail. Avni informs Fatima about this.

They both are getting tensed. Here Asha’s phone is at Police officer’s table and her phone is ringing. Ashish is calling her. But she is not taking her call because she is in the jail. Avni is getting shocked to see this. She is coming to the home and looking so scared.

Naamkaran 23rd November 2016 Written:

Fatima asks what happened? She replies that Police arrested Mumma. Fatima gets shocked and thinks that Dayaben did this.Here Dayaben is getting angry to think about Asha and Avni’s attitude. She never do with Ashish but she is giving a punishment to Asha and Avni just to satisfy her ego.

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