Naamkaran 24th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which all the people are getting ready for the Ashish and Neela’s marriage whereas Avni is also present there. Neela is getting ready for her marriage and then cries a lot. Avni is giving an emotional support to her by saying that you are so strong Neela aunty and you have to do this for me and my film. Neela is feeling strong and then says that you don’t worry I will look after everything. Avni asks have you called Media here or not? Neela says that you don’t worry, I already called Media here. They will record whatever will happen in the Mehta house. Avni says ok. Even though I am also ready to take a shoot for my film. Neela says ok to her. She added that I will take this shoot which will change my life too.

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Naamkaran 24th December 2016 Written Episode:

After this, Dayaben is getting worried to think about Neela’s mind that what will she do after to call Media here in the marriage. Ketan and Dayaben are talking to each other about this. Ketan says that shall I send Media back. Dayaben says no and let’s all media attend this marriage. I know Neela won’t do anything which will hurt her father and as we know, Hemant bhai is happy with this marriage. So that Neela won’t break this marriage. Ketan says ok and I will also keep my eyes on Neela and Media activities. Dayaben says you don’t take tension anymore. Everything will be getting alright. So you just chill and look after all the arrangements of the marriage. Here Pandit ji says to call bride in the mandap. Neela starts to cry a lot and gets ready to go in the mandap.She is crying a lot and then goes towards the mandap. Avni is giving an emotional support to Neela and says her not to worry about anything. Neela says ok to her.

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Naamkaran 24th December 2016 Written Episode:

After this, Neela is coming into the mandap. Avni thinks that Neela will break this marriage at any cost. She is trying to give an emotional support to herself. She thinks that Neela aunty promised her that she never get marry to Ashish Mehta. So that she will keep her promise. Here Asha is sitting in a tension and thinks that whether everything will be getting alright or not? But Aladin, Fatima, and Tiku¬†are giving an emotional support to Asha by saying that if Avni is there then why are you taking a tension. She will do everything alright and easily. She is a brave girl. Asha says I know she is so strong but she is a child why we forget this truth and let all the responsibility¬†put on her shoulders. Fatima says she is capable for his. So you don’t worry and just wait for her reply.

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