Naamkaran 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene starts Avni is coming to the Police Station just to deal with the Inspector. She is talking to the Police Officer about Asha. She says to the Police inspector that my mummy never did wrong with anyone because she was just doing her duty of making a lunch and so many people eating that food. But nobody was getting instead of this man who is admitted in the hospital.

Police Inspector says that you are a child and that’s why you have to go from here to bring someone elder people here. Avni says that I want to meet my mother now. Police Inspector says that I am not giving any permission to you to meet Asha. I know your mother is a pregnant lady and that’ why you have to bring someone else with Court papers.

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After some time, Avni says to Police officer that she is having a full right to meet her mother and that’s why I am going to meet her. Nobody will stop me. Avni is coming in the jail to meet Asha. They both are getting emotional to see each other. Asha says to Avni to go back to the home and not coming here alone. Avni asks how are you? I will make you free from the jail.

Naamkaran 24th November 2016 Written Episode:

Here Neela read some bad lines against Avni. She gets angry and asks Ketan who did this? He says whatever why are you getting so worried? She is an illegal child, so that newspapers write all this about her. Neela says this is wrong. She is an innocent girl and having the confidence to say the truth. Ketan says she was doing a drama and that’s why newspaper wrote all this against her. Neela says that I am getting so much disappointed from you now. She says that if Maa is here then she is also getting angry.

Fatima and Avni are getting shocked after to know about the Asha that she is in lock up. Fatima takes the money and goes to the Police station to get Asha outside from the jail. Fatima gives that money to the Police officer for the bail and then he says that you will get the bail from the court and then we will release out Asha from the jail otherwise we will keep her till the bail.

Avni and Fatima are getting upset to think about the Asha. They are coming back to the home. After some time, Dayaben is coming at Asha’s home and she puts her one condition in front of Avni for getting her mother outside the lock up. Avni starts to cry a lot and makes a request to Dayaben to make her mother release out from the jail.

Naamkaran 24th November 2016 Written:

Avni says to Nanu that we have to go to the court now. Tiku says that court will be getting closed till we reach there. Apart from this, Court will be getting closed in next two days. Avni and Fatima are getting shocked to see this. They are coming outside from the Police station. They gets Adi outside. Fatima tells everything to him and asks him for the help. Adi says you don’t worry, I know about one good lawyer. Fatima says please take me there.

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