Naamkaran 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 26th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene starts with the scene in which Neela and Ashish are talking to each other about Asha and Avni. She is asking Ashish that what happened? What are you thinking now? He says I am so worried about Avni. Neela says that I am feeling so bad to think about the her and especially about that man who left Asha in between the way.

Asha heard everything that what Dayaben did with Avni last day. She gets shattered very badly. Avni sees Asha and asks when you was getting wake up? Asha says I was getting wake up at the right time. Avni comes there and smiles. Asha says to her not to hide your tears from me, I am your mother and understands everything. Avni says I don’t know mumma, for what you are talking now?

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Avni says please tell me clearly mumma. Asha says to her that you were right beta. But I was not ready that time. Now I am saying everything to you like you have to make you name to earn name and fame. It’s my order Avni. Please go ahead and I am always with you. Asha says that you will become successful at any cost because your hard work will remove this black spot from my head.

Naamkaran 26th November 2016 Written Episode:

Avni is getting weak but Asha is giving her a strength and then makes her strong. She makes her strong. At last, Avni makes a promise to Asha that she will walk on the difficult way and will get successful one day at any cost. Asha and Avni hugs each other tightly. Finally, they are trying to cover up their life.

After some time, Avni, and Alia are coming at their place where they are always playing. Ali says it’s good that Kia is not coming with us. Suddenly, Neela is coming there. She smiles and says that I am going somewhere and then sees Rasgulla there. So that I brought rasgulla for you guys. Please come and let’s enjoy rasgulla’s together.

Ali gets so happy and thinks that what is going on? He says I like Rasgulla to eat. But after to see Avni’s anger. Alia says that I hate rasgule. I love gulab jamun. After some time, Neela is doing patch up with Avni and then they are enjoying a lot of rasgules. They are looking so happy together.

Naamkaran 26th November 2016 Written:

Here Fatima and Asha are talking to each other about Avni. Asha says to Fatima that I make my Avni so strong and successful. Fatima is feeling so good to see everything. After some time, Aditya is coming there and then makes some fun with Fatima and Asha.

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