Naamkaran 26th September 2016 Written Episode 14th Update

Naamkaran 26th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 14th, Namkaran 26 Sep 2016 on

The Serial Naamkaran continue with the scene in which Dayaben is talking to her board members. She says to them that you people just take your decision and then informs my son. Here Nanu, Avni, and Asha are talking to each other about Avni’s dream. Nanu says to Asha that if my guddoos dream will get break down then I will leave Ashish. Asha says to her that if you will see Avni happy then you must have a faith in god. Nanu says that I made a lot of prays to the god but he never heard my wishes.

Asha says that you just wait and watch, one day god will hear your wishes. Avni comes there and makes a fun with her nanu. Avni laughs  a lot. Here Dayaben is coming back to home. In between, she is doing her work in the car. Her driver stops the car. She asks what happened? Drives replies to her that ganpati’s palki is coming. So that’s why I have stopped the car. Dayaben folded her hands in front of the Ganpat’s idol.

After some time, Ashish sends a mail to Dayaben and tells everything about Asha. Dayaben gets shocked and thinks that how Ashish did this. How he hide all this from her. Especially, she is worried about Neela (Hemant bhai’s daughter). She decides to go to meet Asha and Avni as soon as possible. She thinks that how she will handle? On the other side, Ashish tells everything to Asha that he dropped a mail to Dayaben about their relationship.

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Naamkaran 26th September 2016 Written Update Episode 14th:

Dayaben is coming in the area where Asha and Avni are living. A security guard asks Dayaben that where you want to go? Dayaben tells him the house number. Then, a security guard tells her about Avni’s home. She reaches there and looks inside Asha’s home. Avni comes there and asks Dayaben why are you looking like this? Who are you? Why are you looking like this? Dayaben asks her who are you?

Avni says I am Avni and this is my home. Dayaben tells her to call your mother here. Avni says ok you just wait here and I am going to bring my mother. Avni calls Asha by calling her very loudly. Asha asks what happened my dear? Avni says that an old lady was trying to look inside our house. So that’s why I am calling you. Asha says that you don’t worry, I am coming.

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