Naamkaran 27th September 2016 Written Episode 15th Update

Naamkaran 27th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 15th, Namkaran 27 Sep 2016 on

The Serial Naamkaran continue with the scene in which Dayaben is coming to see Asha and Avni after to read out Ashish’s mail. She is in shock after to come to know about 12 years married life with Asha because she is worried to think about Neela’s life. Apart from this, she is also worried for Hemant bhai because he is having a dream of Neela and Ashish marriage. She thinks that how will she fulfill this dream of that man who gave everything to them.So that’s why she decides to talk to Asha about this matter.

Dayaben is coming in Asha’s locality. Then, Security guard asks her what happened? Where you want to go? Dayaben says that I want to go to Asha’s home. The¬†Security guard says that ok you want to go to Avni’s home. Dayaben says yes. Dayaben goes near to the home and starts to look into the home. Avni is coming there and then asks her what happened? Why are you looking into my house. Dayaben gets silent. Avni calls her mother by saying that one old lady is standing outside the window and she look into our home.

Till then Asha is coming out. Dayaben is running from that place. Asha and Avni are running behind her. But they don’t catch her. Dayaben is coming inside her car and sits at driver’s place. Suddenly, she gets Ashish’s call but she doesn’t take his call. She starts to drive a car and recalls all words which were said by Ashish to her like Asha is just his friend and nothing else.

After some time, Dayaben is coming back to home. She is looking very tensed and completely wrapped into the colors because she got stuck in ganpati bappa’s¬†function. She is crying a lot. Even she throw some utensils here and there. Her younger son and daughter-in-law are getting shocked to see avatar of Dayaben. Suddenly, she gets a call of Hemant bhai.

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Naamkaran 27th September 2016 Written Update:

She picks up his phone and says kemcho Hemant bhai. He says that I am so happy and you are the only one who gave so much happiness to me. He says that you gave a lot of love to Neela and I see her happiness on her glowing face. Dayaben replies to him that Neela is having a right on my love and care. So that I will give a lot of love and care to her always. Hemant bhai says thanks to her. Dayaben says that I will come tomorrow top meet you.

In the night, Ashish is getting so restless because Dayaben is not taking his call. So that he makes a call on landline. Neeta picks up the phone. She asks about his health and work. Ashish says I am ok and fine. He added that I want to talk to maa but her phone is not reachable. Neeta says that you don’t worry, I am going to give this call to maa. Neeta reaches to Dayaben’s room.

She calls her name but she is not inside her room. Neeta is coming inside and doesn’t get her. She says to Ashish that maa is not in her room. So that, I will inform her whenever she will come back to home. Ashish says ok. But he is getting so worried too. Neeta says that you don’t worry, I will inform her.

Naamkaran 27th September 2016 Written Update:

Here Asha and Avni are trying to sleep. Avni is sleeping after some time. But Asha is not sleeping yet. She is roaming here and there in a room. Avni gets up and says to Asha that we are alone here, I wish papa is here. Asha says that you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright. You have to remember your god first and then gets to sleep easily.

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