Naamkaran 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene starts with the scene in which Ashish is coming to Asha’s home and gets Adi there. He gets shocked to see Adi with Asha. Ashish is getting angry very badly. He says to him that this is my home and I am here to decide that who may come into my home and who won’t come here. Asha, Avni, and Fatima are getting shocked to see Ashish there. Fatima says that only my Asha and Avni will decide that who will come here?

Ashish says that no, this is my home and  I will decide that who will come here and who won’t? Avni feels so bad to hear this. She says to Ashish that I know very well that it’s your home. So we will pay your the complete rent. Ashish gets shocked. Avni starts to cry a lot. Click here->> Naamkaran 29th November 2016 written update

Naamkaran 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update:

Avni asks again to Ashish that you just tell us about the rent and then we will pay you because it’s your house as you said. I though it’s Asha and Avni house, but you have broken everything in our life. Ashish gets break down after to hear all these words from Avni. As we know he loves Avni a lot and she can do the same. But now circumstances are not right.

Ashish is going from there. But as Avni sees that Aladin brings a smile on Asha’s face and she is looking happy with him too everytime. Even he pampers Asha a lot. On the other side, Aladin takes care of Asha, Fatima, and Avni too. On the other side, Aladin takes care of outer works of the house then she makes a statement that Aladin a good guy and always helps them out.

So that, she will decide to bring Asha and Aladin together. She thinks that Asha is always giving a positive response of all jokes of Aladin and also gets so happy to see him in the home. Sometimes, Aladin is giving a special foot massage service to Asha’s foots. This thing makes Avni happy. She thinks that Aladin is a good guy for her mother.

Naamkaran 28th November 2016 Written Episode:

But after some time, Avni and Asha are coming to know that Aladin is Dayaben puppet and he can do everything on Asha’s orders. Actually, Dayaben is making such a plan to separate Asha and Ashish forever and breaks their trust too. So that she sends Aladin at Asha’s home. Finally, her plan is on the track and she becomes successful in separating Asha and Ashish forever.

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