Naamkaran 28th September 2016 Written Episode 16th Update

Naamkaran 28th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 16th, Namkaran 28 Sep 2016 on

The Serial Naamkaran continue with the scene in which Ashish is getting so tensed to think about Dayaben because she is not talking to him. He is making a number of phone calls to Dayaben on her personal mobile number and landline phone. But she is not talking to him. Finally, Ashish understands that Dayaben is upset from his side and that’s why she is not talking to home.

Here Hemant bhai is seeing a lot of dreams for Neela and her upcoming life. She wants to tell everything to Hemant bhai. But she doesn’t want to spoil his happiness. So that’s why she close her lips. Here Dayaben is going in a temple. She says that how can I give my son to anyone, he is not mine.

After some time, Ashish is making a lot of calls to Dayaben because he wants to talk to her about his mail. Finally, Dayaben takes his call and then Ashish says sorry to her. Dayaben says that why you hide all this to me. I am your mother and I always understand you. I will make you cock in front of your Asha and Avni.

Ashish says that I am getting so nervous before to tell all of this. But now I am feeling so good to tell everything to you. Dayaben says that I am so happy for you. Please come back soon because I am missing you so much. Ashish says that I am also missing you so much maa. I love you more than anything. I will come back to home as soon as possible.

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Naamkaran 28th September 2016 Written Update:

After some time, Ashish makes a call to Asha and says that finally, our 11 years wait has been over. Asha asks what? what happened? Why are you saying all this? Ashish says that I am so happy that I told everything to maa that we are husband and wife. Even I told everything to maa epecially for Avni (our lovely daughter). Finally, Maa accept our relationship and she is happy too.

Naamkaran 28th September 2016 Written:

Asha is getting so happy after to hear Ashish’s words. She says thanks to her good. Ashish asks what happened? Why are you getting silent? Asha says that I am giving a number of thanks to my god because he heard my pray finally. Ashish says I know Asha you are awaited for this moment from last eleven years, But finally, we get this happiness.

After some time, Avni takes a phone from Asha’s hand. She asks Ashish that you will come on my sport’s day or not? Ashish says that I will surely. Avni says you will reach there at 10, don’t be late. Ashish says that I will be there at 9. Avni says you are the best papa of the world. She gets so happy. Ashish gives a lot of kisses to Avni and says to deliver these kisses to your mumma also. Avni gives all the kisses to Asha by saying that, these are from papa’s side.

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