Naamkaran 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Avni is coming tot he hospital and she is asking at the reception about her mummy. Doctor is coming there and says to Avni that you don’t worry and you have to come inside. I know you won’t like that but you have to come inside. He gives a mask to Avni and takes her inside. Avni sees her mumma who is sleeping there and not coming in conscious state. Avni calls her and asks what happened. Doctor takes Avni near to her little brother. Avni is going inside the room and comes to know that Asha gave birth to the baby. Avni is going near to her and takes that baby in her arms. She calls that baby as Aman. Avni is getting so happy and Asha too. Avni says to Asha that our movie was getting released out finally. Asha is getting so happy. Click here-> Naamkaran 30th December 2016 written update

Naamkaran 29th December 2016 Written Episode:

Dayaben is getting a call. But she is not taking any calls and looking so tensed. All phone are ringing but she is not taking any call. Dayaben is getting scared and she closes her ears. Ketan and his wife are coming there. Here Ketan and Neela are asking to Dayaben. But she is not replying. Neela asks what will we do when you dev purush will ask about this movie. Dayaben is getting shattered very badly. Dayaben is falling down on the sofa and closes her ears. Here Avni is coming out and sees Tiku’s injury that his hand was also breaking down. Avni asks what happened? Tiku tells her everything how they met with an accident. Angie is also coming there and asks you said me that aunty is in COMA and here phone is showing something else. Avni and all other kids are searching on the internet about the meaning of COMA. Avni reads out about this COMA and she gets scared. Fatima and Tiku are crying a lot. After some time, Avni says that I know mumma will get alright soon. After this, I, mumma, and Aman will be playing together soon.

Naamkaran 29th December 2016 Written Episode:

Here Ketan is coming in Mumma’s room and informs her about Asha’s accident. He says she is almost getting die but she left one more problem here. Dayaben asks what? He replies that she gave a birth to one son. Dayaben is getting so happy from her inside heart and that’s why she is coming outside to face a media because she recalled the Doctor’s word that Neela never become a mother. After some time, media is coming there and asks a number of questions to Dayaben about this movie. Daya is changing her statement and says that I will bring Asha-Avni at my home forever with respect. Click here-> Naamkaran 28th December 2016 written update. After some time, Hemant is coming there and scolds Daya very badly. He blames Dayaben that you spoiled my daughter’s life and even you spoiled Asha’s life too. You have spoiled a number of lives. Daya is crying a lot and folded her hands in front of Hemant by saying that I regret on my decision and please forgive me.

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