Naamkaran 2nd Decemeber 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Dayaben is waiting for Ashish very badly. After some time, he is coming at home in a very bad drunken state. Dayaben asks what is this? Why are you doing this? Haven’t you feel shamed before to get a drink? If you got drunk and then you dare to come here also? How? He laughs and says home? Which home?

Dayaben says to him don’t you dare to say anything to me. Ashish says why not I am thinking to talk with you. You are calling this place as a home, why? Why are you considering this place as a home. Here is not any person who is staying here? Here all people are devils and also not having any heart or feeling for anyone.

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Dayaben says that you just go from here because I don’t want to talk with you now. Ketan is coming there and then try to interrupt him. He calls his maa’s favorite son and also scolds him by his mouth shut up fast. Ketan is getting angry and going from there. Dayaben scolds him very badly for spreading such a bad environment in the house.

Naamkaran 2nd December 2016 Written Episode:

Avni is coming back to the home after her advertisement shooting. Asha asks her about her shooting. In the night, Avni gets up by seeing a  bad dream. She starts to cry a lot. Asha also gets up and then asks her what happened? She says that you don’t worry maa, I will earn a big name into my life. Asha says her that you don’t worry, you will earn a big name but not to take any revenge from anyone, you will earn your name to make yourself big and respect in this society.

Asha says her to sleep down easily and gets ready to get a big name. Avni says to her that you don’t worry maa, tomorrow will be a big day for us. So we have to sleep now. Asha smiles and makes her to asleep. In the morning, Neela wakes up and going in the hall room where Hemant is reading a newspaper. Neela comes there and snatches his newspaper.

Hemant says that I don’t remember when you snatched newspaper like this last time. Maybe when your SSC result was coming out. Neela checks out all the newspaper. She doesn’t get any Avni’s ad in the newspaper. She makes a call to the newspaper office and comes to know that someone stopped newspaper to print Avni’s ad. She gets angry and then scolds them very badly. Hemant is coming there and asks her what happened? She tells everything to him.

In the next day morning, when the newspapers come there. Sumi is coming to Asha’s home and then asks Avni to show the newspaper just to see that how was my Avni looking in the advertisement. Avni gets so sad. Sumi asks what happened? Why are you looking so upset and tensed too. Aladin is coming there and says to Sumi that Avni’s advertisement is not coming in today’s newspaper.

Naamkaran 2nd December 2016 Written:

Here Ketan says to Dayaben that you are fabulous that you stopped a newspaper from printing Avni’s ad. It’s nice. Dayaben says that if children are not good then money always comes in use and gives us a profit according to them.  She says him to call Ashish here if he is coming out from the drink trap.

Here Avni is sitting alone and feels so bad. She isn’t talking to someone. Kia, Alia, and Aladin are making a  full proof plan to bring a smile on Avni’s face.  Aladin says them it’ not a good place to think something, so we have to go outside and plans something else.

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