Naamkaran 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Avni is coming back to her home with Aman after to cremate Asha forever. Fatima and Tiku are coming with her just to give an emotional support. But Avni is looking strong and says that you don’t worry Nano, everything will be getting alright. She is trying to handle Aman very carefully because he is so small. So he cries a lot but she was making a promise to Asha that she will take care of Aman more than her. So that she is feeding him, shows toys a to him, and also sings a song for him. Avni says to Aman to drink milk fast because it will help you in getting big soon just like me. But Aman is crying a lot. Avni is looking towards Asha’s photo and says to Aman that your big eyes remember me about mummy because her eyes were also big just like you. After this, she takes him in her arms and tries to feed milk.

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Naamkaran 2nd January 2017 Written Update:

Avni is singing a song for Aman just to make him sleep easily. She is singing the same song as she was singing with Asha in the past. She sings,’Aa Leke Chalu Tujhe Aise Desh Mein, Milti Hain Jahan Khushiya Pariyo Me Bhesh Mein.’ Fatima and Tiku are looking towards Avni and Asha. They are getting emotional to see Avni and Aman like this. Fatima is giving blessings to them. Here Ashish’s friend is coming to talk to Neela and informs her about Asha’s death. Neela is crying a lot and says that how is Avni taking care of the baby? Where are they? She gets so happy to hear that Asha gave a birth to one boy. Here Fatima and Tiku are talking to each other about Avni and Aman. They are deciding that they will come here and starts to live with Avni. Suddenly, Dayaben is coming there and says that I am coming now. So you stop thinking about Avni and Aman.

Suddenly, Dayaben is coming at Avni house with media and says that these are my grandchildren. So that, they will will stay with their dadi from now onwards. Avni is getting angry to see Dayaben there. Avni says that she won’t go anywhere else. Either Dayawanti Mehta will come here thousand times. Let see what will happen next time., It would be getting interesting day by day.

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Naamkaran 2nd Jan 2017 Written Episode:

Here Neela is going to see Ashish in her room. But when she opens the door. She gets the room full of water and bottles. She is calling Ashish again and again. But she feels that Ashish is in the bathroom. She goes inside and sees that Ashish is about to drown into the bathtub. She screams and brings Ashish outside it. She is about to say everything to Ashish about Asha. Suddenly, Ashish bursts out and cries very badly by saying that Ashwadi left me alone here, she didn’t give me last chance to say goodbye to her. Neela is also crying a lot.

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