Naamkaran 3rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Crack pot, Kia, Angie, and Ali are coming to meet Avni there just to make their mood refresh. They are doing a lot of acting in front of Avni just to bring a smile on her face. Kia shows a video to Aladin in which Avni was saving Neela’s life from the goons. Aladin says that you are such a good actor. Avni says that this is not an acting, this is a reality.

Avni added that you leave this matter because I don’t want to waste my time. So that, we have to think something else. Aladin says ok let me find out something else. Angie says that you have to do acting. Avni says I don’t like acting. Ali asks why not? When you will become an actress then I will become your secretary or manager. Aladin says that why are you snatching a poor man’s work.

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Avni says that let see which director will get ready to meet me. Ali says whatever if nobody will meet you then Aladin will direct a movie for you. Aladin is getting angry and going outside from there. Avni is coming behind him and asks him what happened? He is not ready to say anything to anyone. Avni forces him. He starts to tell a story that he was living in an orphanage and there was my friend Kabir. He was having a big dream of becoming a director. But he was directing four movies but not a single movie was not releasing out.

Naamkaran 3rd December 2016 Written Episode:

After this, Avni says that I know who is Kabir. You are Kabir and you are not a looser. You have a gut to fulfill your dreams. Kabir says no and he says that we never live in a dream. Otherwise, we will get stuck and then breaks down very badly. Avni says that Miss marry said that we have to set one goal in our life and put our 100% just to fulfill the dream.

Here Angie and Sumi are talking to each other. Angie says that Avni is upset today. Sumi says that you have to talk to her, solve her problem. Till then I will make a kheer for you. Angie gets so happy and then makes a call to Neela to inform her about Avni’s mood. Neela says that I am coming there with Avni’s favorite ice creams.

Asha tells to Avni about Neela’s reality that who is she? Avni gets shocked to hear this. Even she gets curious too. She asks please tell me everything mumma. Asha says that why are you thinking a lot, it’s just an important thing which I want to tell you. Actually, Neela is that girl who will be going to marry your father. Avni gets shocked.

Here Asha is coming back to the home. She is looking so scared. Avni asks what happened? Asha is sitting in her laps. She is giving an emotional support to Asha. Suddenly, someone knocks at the door. Avni is going to open the door.

Naamkaran 3rd December 2016 Written:

After some time, Neela is coming there to meet Avni. But Avni says that I don’t want to meet you or ever talk to you. Neela asks what is my mistake? Why are you saying all this? Avni says the man with you will marry soon? That is my father. Neela laughs and says no dear, he is Ashish Mehta. Avni says yes, the Ashish Mehta is my father. Neela gets shocked very badly.

Neela is crying a lot and is about to fall down on the floor. Asha handles her. Avni asks haven’t you know about this? Neela says no. Avni is getting shocked to see this. She thinks what I did? Here Dayaben is going in Ashish room where he is sleeping. She says that how Asha was coming here and told a lot to me. She is crying a lot.

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