Naamkaran 3rd October 2016 Written Episode 21st Update

Naamkaran 3rd October 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 21st, Namkaran 3rd Oct 2016 on

The Serial Naamkaran continue with the scene in which Dayaben is going to the Airport where she goes to pick up Ashish and she also decides to inform him about his engagement. She asks Ashish that are you ready for the engagement with Neela finally. Ashish gets shocked. Dayaben added that I am ready to accept Asha and Avni as my family members. But I have a condition before to do this. Ashish asks what are you saying? Dayaben replies that I made all arrangement for an engagement and Neela (Hemant’s daughter) is also ready for this. All people are waiting for you in the hospital.

Ashish says to Dayaben that I will never hurt Asha and Avni by doing an engagement with Neela. Daya says that this is my last decision and you have to accept it any cost. Otherwise, I will not accept Asha and Avni as my daughter-in-law and granddaughter forever. After to hear this, Ashish puts a stone on his heart and gets ready for this engagement. Here Avni is waiting for Ashish in her Sports Day function, because her race is about to start. Must see Naamkaran 2nd October 2016 written update.

Naamkaran 3rd October 2016 Written Episode 21st:

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Here Ashish is with his mother Dayaben. Suddenly, Asha is making a call to Ashish and asks him where are you? He replies to Asha that I am on the way. Asha says you must reach here on time because Avni is waiting for her father from the morning time. Ashish says that I am getting late. Asha says maybe she will feel bad if she will not see you in the race.

Here Dayaben is sitting with Ashish. So that, Ashish is talking to Asha in the code words. Asha asks him Is everything ok? Ashish says that yes I am ok. But Asha is not feeling good. Driver brings a car on the school road. Driver stops the car in front of school. Ashish is trying to open the door because he wants to go inside. Dayaben locks all the doors. After this Dayaben says to the driver that why are you bringing this car here in the traffic jam.

Naamkaran 3rd October 2016 Written Episode:

Here Asha is feeling so bad and here Avni’s race is about to start. She is sitting so upset. Avni is coming there and asks her mother what happened? Why are you getting so sad? Asha replies to her that nothing everything is alright. Avni says that don’t worry, I know papa is not coming yet and that’s why you are looking so sad. But you don’t worry, he will come soon. Here Nannu is encouraging Avni for her race.

Here Ashish is looking so sad. Dayaben says that you are going for an engagement, not for anything else. Ashish says that this is just a death for me. Dayaben says that this is your choice for your life not mine. Dayaben brings Ashish in the hospital where all people are waiting for him. Even though Neela is getting so excited for her engagement.

Here Avni is looking for her father. All people are encouraging her. Avni is running by using her 100% power. On the other side, Ashish is doing a ritual of his engagement. He is feeling so bad and not able to think anymore. He is looking just like a dead body.

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