Naamkaran 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Neela is asking to Avni that maa knew about this or not? Avni says yes to her. Neela says that how could she? How did she think to take this decision? How was she? Asha is trying to handle her but she is behaving so strange. She is showing her love to Asha and Avni. Actually, she is getting shattered after to hear this truth.

Here Dayaben is coming to know that Neela is going to meet Avni and Asha. She thinks if she will come to know about the reality of Ashish and Asha’s relationship¬†then what will she do? Here Neela is falling down on the sofa. Avni starts to cry a lot and says to Neela that please don’t cry, please forgive me. I didn’t know that you are unaware from this reality.

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Neela says that maa already knew about this reality of 11 years but I don’t know about this. What is this? Why is this happened to me? After some time, Neela says that let me go from here. She stands up and takes her purse. But Avni and Asha are getting so upset to see Neela’s bad condition. Neela is going somewhere else, Asha calls her and says that you are going wrong, door is on another side.

Naamkaran 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update

After this, Neela gets stuck with Sofa. Asha handles her and then says her to go carefully. Asha and Avni are coming outside to drop her outside. Avni asks May I drop Neela aunty near to the car? Asha says no and lets her handle her pain herself because her way is so long and she will have to handle herself on her own. Let she go. Avni says ok.

Here Hemant is saying to Dayaben that what is going on? Why called me here? Dayaben says that just wait and watch for some time, let Neela comes here. Hemant says ok it means you will give me a big surprise. Dayaben says yes to him. Hemant asks Ketan that where is your wife? Ketan says that she is going to her home. Hemant says that if your wife is not here then nobody asks me for a tea.

Dayaben says to Ketan to handle Hemant bhai here and I am going to make an urgent call. She makes a call to Neela but she is not taking her call. Here Neela is sitting in her car and crying a lot. She is in trauma and recalls all the moments when Dayaben was making her a fool. She says no no no. Here Hemant asks Dayaben what happened? She says that you daughter is creating an issue for me.

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Naamkaran 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

She added that I am calling her but she is not taking my call. Hemant says that if you are loving her a lot then she is behaving so with you. You just show your mother-in-laws rules then she will come on the track. Suddenly, Dayaben says to Hemant that I think we will do Neela and Ashish marriage within a week. He gets so happy and says that this is such a fab news for me. Here Neela is crying a lot.

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