Naamkaran 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Neela gets a call from Mr. Sharma. He says to Neela that I already know that who stopped reporter from printing Avni’s advertisement in the newspaper. Neela cries and says, I know she was Dayawanti Mehta. He says yes. Neela says I know very well about this lady. She is coming in the hall room where she sees Dayaben, Ashish, and Hemant very happy.

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Dayaben hugs Ashish and he is touching Hemant’s foot. He is giving best wishes to Ashish and for his upcoming life with Neela. After this, Hemant says to Ashish that please never bring a single tear in my Neela’s eyes because she is my jaan and I never want to see any tear in her eyes. Dayaben says don’t you trust me. He replies that I trust you blindly but I am saying all this normally.

Neela is coming there and crying a lot. She hugs Hemant and cries a lot. Dayaben says that maybe she is feeling pain by getting separated from you. Maybe she is crying so. Hemant asks what happened? Why are you crying a lot? See you dream will come true soon. But Neela hugs Ashish very tightly and not ready stop herself. Dayaben is getting scared by seeing Neela’s tears like this.

Here Avni is coming to talk to Asha about the new movie story. Avni says that we are living together from last 11 years and now we are our story from your hands. Asha says no. Aladin is sticking with the window and also tries hard to make Asha ready for the story. He says to Avni to bring her photograph. Click here-> Naamkaran 6th December 2016 written update

Naamkaran 7th December 2016 Written Episode:

Avni is saying that our story is fabulous in which a lots of drama, fight, revenge, love, romance, and twists all the time. In our story, you are an actress in the movie, you are falling into the love with Hero and then you decides to give birth to super Avni. Now the hero is getting weak and not ready to accept super Avni. From that time, a big fight has become starts in between Avni and Dayawanti Mehta (Hero’s mother), who don’t want to accept Avni as her granddaughter. In between Asha is getting upset.

Avni says to her that don’t get emotional, this is just a film story and I am story writer here. We are just doing a good work in this movie and then get famous too. Asha asks what will happen next? Avni says that now super Avni will give a challenge to Dayawanti Mehta that she don’t want her name, she will make her name on her own. After this, the universe will know you by Avni’s name. In the movie last phase, Avni will earn her name and then Anaya will take a birth and then the movie will get finish successfully.

Naamkaran 7th December 2016 Written Episode:

In the night, Neela is sitting in her room and behaving so madly by spreading Ashish’s photographs on the floor. She is crying a lot and then says why Ashish? Why did you do this with me? You and your mother spoiled my life completely. Why? She is crying a lot very badly. Suddenly, Hemant is coming there and then calls Neela, Neela. He is coming inside and then sees Ashish photo. He laughs and calls Neela as prem diwani of Ashish. He gets so happy to see Neela’s further life. But Neela is getting stuck in between the situation whther she will reval this or not?

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