Naamkaran 7th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 7th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts when Dayawanti Mehta gets angry and says to Ketan that you are laughing at me. Then Dayawanti slaps to Ketan. Dayawanti scolds to Avni. She says to Avni that go outside the house. But Avni says no I will leave here. Dayawanti gives permission to Avni that she can hang the photo in her room. Avni gets so much happy and says thanks. Then the maid is bringing all the documents and pics of Avni’s mom then suddenly Avni strike with that lady. All the documents and Photos falls down. Avni sees something in that document and then she take the document. Avni checks the paper and says this is the document where were my Mumma.

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Dayawanti locks to Avni in the store room. She finds the space from where Avni go outside the room. Dayawanti decides that she has to close that space. Avni says no please don’t do this. Then suddenly the mouse comes there and Dayawanti gets afraid from that mouse.  Dayawanti calls to Ketan. Ketan comes but he also gets afraid from that mouse.

Naamkaran 7th January 2017 Written Update:

Ali is coming inside the Dayawanti Mehta’s home just to complete Avni’s plan in the midnight. He carries so many photographs of Aisha with him. Avni comes out from her room and then paste all the photographs in the home especially in Dayawanti’s room. In the morning, when Dayawanti wakes up and then she shouts very badly. She asks all this to all family members but all people are laughing a lot by seeing Dayawanti’s funny face because Avni was making a drawing over Dayawanti’s face. Dayawanti says to her maid to bring Avni here.

Naamkaran 7th January 2017 Written Episode:

She brings Avni there and then laughs a lot. Dayawanti asks what happened? Avni sees your face is so funny. Dayawanti gets shocked to see her her face. After some time, maid gather’s all the photo and is about to burn them. Avni sees one document from the city hospital. Avni takes that paper and says this is the same hospital in my mother was admitted.

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