Naamkaran 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Avni is taking a newspaper to read out the latest news. Suddenly, she sees her news in the paper like a 10 years old girl is making a movie and writing a story on her own life. She is getting shocked and thinks that what did Aladin do? Neela reads out the article and then says that Avni you are so brave and I wish I have a courage like you.

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Ashish reads out the article and smiles a lot. But when Asha and Dayaben are reading this news in the newspaper, they are getting shocked and angry too. Here Dayaben thinks that Avni won’t get tired, I will do something else. Click here-> Naamkaran 7th December 2016 written update. Here Alia, Tia, and Angie are getting so happy to see Avni’s ad in the newspaper. Asha calls Avni inside the home.

Here Dayaben brings a newspaper in Ashish’s room just to show him an article. Ashish smiles a lot after to read out the article. Dayaben says that this girl is trying to defame us. They are not having any respect and fame in this society¬†but we have. We earned a respect in the last so many years. They ar doing wrong with you because if this story will release out then nobody will talk to you, nobody will get ready to work with you.

Ashish laughs a lot. Dayaben says that you will become defame and nobody will get happy with you. But you don’t worry, I am here, you mother is here. I won’t let you defame by anyone because I won’t let this story to become successful. Dayaben is going from there. Ashish gets tensed. Here Asha calls Avni inside and scolds her very badly.

Naamkaran 8th December 2016 Written Episode: 

Asha says that why are you not behaving like a normal child, why are you not playing outside and why are you not studying like a normal child? What is this? Avni says that I want to earn my name at any cost. So that I am doing this. Asha says that if you want to earn name then you have to study hard to become a doctor or engineer. Avni says why, why I will become an engineer or Doctor. I want to become a filmmaker.

Asha says that if you want to become a filmmaker then why are you taking this story. Avni replies that I have a faith in this story. So that I am choosing this story. Asha says I am sure, Aladin provoked you for this story. Suddenly, Aladin is coming there and says that you called me and I am here. Asha scolds him very badly and says him to go from here. Otherwise, I will call police here.

Aladin starts to make a fun and then makes Asha relax. He asks for the morning tea. Asha is going inside to bring a tea for him. He says that your mother is looking so beautiful in an anger mood. Avni says she is angry, so you please don’t do this. Suddenly, Aladin is getting someone’s call and goes to meet someone. Avni asks what happened? He says that it’s a good news for you, so let me and I will meet you soon. Avni says ok.

Naamkaran 8th December 2016 Written Episode:

Asha is coming there and then Avni starts to convince her. Asha says that why are you trying to make your own life funny and dramatic. Avni says I want to dictate my story to whole world and it would be good for you. Avni asks will you see me to do a dance on Dayawanti Mehta’s rules. If now then please gives me the permission to make a story on this. After some time, Dayawanti Mehta is coming there and says to Asha to stop all this drama. Asha says now this film will definitely go into the market. We will make this film surely which makes Dayawanti Mehta angry.

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