Naamkaran 8th October 2016 Written Episode 26th Update

Naamkaran 8th October 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 26th, Namkaran 8th Oct 2016 on

The Serial Naamkaran continue with the scene in which Ashish is going to meet Asha. He asks Asha, why didn’t you ask me? That why weren’t I coming in the Avni’s sports day. Asha says that I and Avni loves you a lot and we knows very well that you had something urgent and that’s why you didn’t come there. Ashish is trying to tell her the truth. Here Dayaben is getting mad and she tells to everyone to find out the magical thing in Ashish’s room.

Suddenly, Ashish is coming there and asks what happened maa? Dayaben says that I know very well that Asha is doing magic on you and that’s why you are thinking about her only. She gives you a water and food, she added magic in these. Ashish says yes she is doing magic of love on me.

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Ashish tells Dayaben that she never think about his life without Asha and Avni. So that’s why I never leave Asha and Avni for Neela and you. Even though I didn’t fulfill Avni’s promise and broke her heart very badly. So that’s why I felt like running from here now. Dayaben says to him that whatever you feels, but you have to get marry to Neela and you never leave her. Ashish gets bursts out and then says that I feels I am getting die.

Dayaben gets shocked and scolds him very badly by saying that you are getting ruined every badly by just a woman. She had ruined your life completely and now you are showing your love for her in front of me how? Ashish gets shocked to hear all these words from Daya’s mouth.

Even though, she kicked him out from her home and says that don’t you ever show your face to me. Ashish gets shocked and goes from there. After some time, he is going to Asha’s home where he found Avni in a very bad mood. Avni is not ready to talk to Ashish. Even though Asha is trying to handle her but she is not ready to hear anything. So that, she is going out from her home. But before that, she asks Ashish why her family is not like a normal family? Why mummy close all the doors when you come here? Why this happened? I want to hear a truth now. Ashish and Asha are getting tensed to see this condition of Avni.

Naamkaran 8th October 2016 Written Update Episode 26th:

After some time, Ashish is coming back to his home where Dayaben is creating an emotional drama in front of him. Next day morning, Asha gets up and doing her pooja. She prays to god to give some good sense to Avni. Suddenly, she gets Ashish call. She asks him why are you calling me in an early morning. Ashish says that I want to tell you something urgent.

Suddenly, Dayaben is coming there and asks Ashish what are you doing Batuk? Ashish cuts the call by saying that I will tell when we will meet? After this, she tied one thread on his hand and says that god will save you from bad people. Ashish says that I don’t trust all these. Daya says I believe in these type of things. Ashish gets silent. Here Asha is coming in Avni’s room just to wake her up. But she found Avni in her school dress.

Naamkaran 8th October 2016 Written Update:

She asks her when you get up? Avni is not giving any answer to her. Asha starts to make her hairs and also tells her about Ashish phone call. She says to him that your father will come today to meet you. Avni replies to her that I want to hear about the truth that why he didn’t come on my sports day. Asha gets shocked. Here Daya says to him to get ready and then go to meet Neela in the hospital.

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