Naamkaran 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Asha and Avni are waiting for the Aladin because he is going to meet some financiers of this film. After some time, when Aladin is coming back to the home. Asha asks him what happened? Is everything alright? What did they say? Aladin says that Dayaben loves Avni a lot and that’s why she can do everything good for Avni.

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Asha asks what happened? He says that finally financiers were getting back out and now don’t have nay financer. Asha and Avni are getting tensed a lot and then thinks what will they do the next? Click here-> Naamkaran 8th December 2016 written update. Avni says that whatever, I will make this film at any cost. This film will definitely release out. To make a film, a script is important and we will get success.

Naamkaran 9th December 2016 Written Episode: 

After this, Avni says that crack pot will find out the financier and I will make a film. Avni prays to god and then starts to talk to Aladin and Aasha. Suddenly, Neela is coming there. Asha and Avni are getting shocked to see Neela there. Neela hugs Asha very tightly and crying a lot. Avni says to crack pot to come with her and let the talk. After this, Avni says to Asha that I am outside, so you will call me whenever you will need me.

Asha asks what happened Neela? Neela says that Ashish never loves me because he loves you only. Even I want to know your story now because I want to know why Ashish left you. What happened? Asha says that let me bring water for you. Asha brings water for her. She handover water to her and starts to say everything to Neela that what happened.

Naamkaran 9th December 2016 Written Episode: 

After some time, Avni and Aladin are sitting outside. Avni starts to write a story there for her upcoming film. Aladin is standing near to window just to hear Asha and Neela’s conversation. Avni says him that it’s not a good manner to hear some other’s talk without their permission. Let them talk and you have to sit here with me. Apart from this, don’t you disturb me again. I am busy.

Aladin says ok to her. Suddenly, Tia, Angie, and Ali are coming there. They are getting so happy to know that Asha gave permission to Avni for writing the story. Angie says that Neela aunty is coming here but what is she doing with Asha. Avni says that she is going to marry Mr. Mehta. Angie says yes, Neela aunty is going to marry Ashish uncle because she loves him a lot. Avni gets upset. Angie asks what happened? Alia says he is Avni’s father.

Here Neela says to Asha that Dayawanti is such a bad woman and I will take revenge from her at any cost. She says that I never consider Ashish is doing so much. He ignores your 11 years hard work. How? Asha says that he was getting stuck in between me and maa. What was he doing? Neela says no, if he loves his mother then why he was coming into your life. He is weak and coward. Neela is crying a lot. Asha is trying to handle her.

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