Naamkaran: Avni Unites Asha-Dayaben-Ashish Forever, Dayaben Accepts Avni & Asha

Naamkaran Upcoming News: Avni Unites Asha-Dayaben-Ashish Forever, Dayaben Accepts Avni & Asha on

Do you want to see Asha and Ashish together? Do you like to watch Asha and Ashish’s romance on the screen? Avni is such a sweet and cute girl who is always trying to bring her parents close to each other. As she is always seeing her mother tensed and unhappy. But she analyzes that Ashish brings happiness on Asha’s face.

So that’s why she is calling Ashish at home again and again. In previous episodes, Avni calls him so many like on her sports day, but he was not coming  on that day because Ashish was trying to handle the situation at his own home. Dayaben was fixing his engagement with Neela (Hemant Bhai’s daughter).

After that, Dayaben came to know about Asha and Avni. She got angry and stopped Ashish from going near to them. But Ashish loved Asha a lot, so he decided that he never left her. He brought his bag to Avni’s home and started to live with her. Avni and Asha were on the seventh sky and enjoying their life a lot.

But when Ashish was started to live with Asha and Avni. Dayaben was getting restless and then went to Avni home just to bring him back. Here Avni was doing all the arrangements of Asha and Ashish’s marriage. But when the marriage time came, Ashish was stopped by his mother.

He was not coming to marry Asha. Avni and Asha, both were breaking down very badly. Here Dayaben was doing so much emotional atyachaar on Ashish by telling him past stories. She told him that muslims were killed your father and all. Here Asha is a muslim and that’s why I never accepted her. Ashish has broken down very badly.

Naamkaran Upcoming News: Avni Unites Asha-Dayaben-Ashish Forever- Big Diwali Gift for Asha

But after all this drama, Ashish comes to Asha’s home and breaks all his relations from Asha. She gets broken down. But Avni is giving an emotional support to her. She motives her to fight for her rights. Asha gets motivated. Avni says to Asha that I will give you a memorable Diwali gift.

Asha asks what are you thinking to do. Avni says you just don’t worry and do preparations for Diwali. In the upcoming episode, Avni will make a special Diwali gift for Dayaben just to win her heart and send it to her address. This gift will touch Dayaben’s heart.

She will be getting so happy to get Avni in her life. She will ready to accept Avni and Asha. Dayaben will accept Asha as her daughter-in-law. This will become a big Diwali gift for Asha. Just keep in touch with us for more updates.

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