Naamkaran Future Story: Vidyut Kidnaps Mishti to make Juhi as his Puppet

Naamkaran Future Story 2017: Vidyut Kidnaps Mishti to make Juhi as his Puppet on

In the topmost serial of the Star Plus channel which is named as Naamkaran Serial where a number of twists and turns are coming to the show which makes this show more happening and interesting day by day. The small girl Avni is getting bigger and now she is fighting for her love Neil. But as we are watching on the television that Vidyut and Ragini are plotting hard to separate Neil and Avni forever.

In the Upcoming and Future story of the Naamkaran Serial, Vidyut and Ragini Pandit will be making Neil and Avni’s life hell and difficult day by day just by introducing a number of efforts and hard work. Their main motive is so separate Neil and Avni at any cost because Vidyut and his mother Ragini Pandit are not ready to see Neil and Avni happy together which is not good for this lovely couple.

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Naamkaran Future Story 2017: Juhi Blames Avni for Mishti’s Kidnapping:

In the Naamkaran Upcoming Story, the updates are here. According to above story-> So that’s why Neil and Avni are also planning hard against Vidyut and Ragini. According to this plan, Avni makes a plan to trap Vidyut in her love and then she will separate Vidyut from Ragini Pandit. Due to which, their strength is getting a breakdown. This is really wrong for everyone to watch Neil and Avni separate. But now the story is taking a twisting turn which Vidyut comes to the Khanna house whereas he takes Mishti along with him.

Even though he threatens Mishti too by saying that you have to return me or you have to pay me back soon. Mishti gets scared very badly to see this evil face of Vidyut. Actually, Vidyut’s main plan is to use Juhi as a puppet in his all plans. Later Vidyut sends Mishti back to the Khanna house whereas Juhi blames Avni by saying that you are irresponsible and that’s why she is ruining Mishti’s life by getting careless day by day. Let see what will be the next in the show. Stay tuned to us.

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