Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th February 2017 Written Update, Written Episode on

The serial start with the scene in which the Ahana says to Naina that I just want my baby in a secret manner but I trust you when I saw you to fight for your husband. That time I realize that you are just like me who can fight for the family or especially for your husband. That time, I have decided to talk to you about this matter because I need a good mother for my baby. Ahana asks will your family get ready to accept this? Will your husband give permission to you? Here Raghav says to Mr. Khurana that my wife is such an awesome lady who is having her own rules and regulations. So that I respect her.

Here Ahana says to Naina that firstly I want to know about your husband’s opinion that what is he thinking for this? Naina says that he don’t know anything. Even he don’t know that I am with you this time. Actually, we are getting separate from each other. So that I and Raghav will live separate soon because we are taking a divorce. Ahana gets shocked and asks why are you doing this? Naina says my destiny is playing so many games with me. So that’s why all this happen to me.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th February 2017 Written Update:

Ahana asks I think you are doing all this only for him and another side, you people will get separate. Naina says that I love him but now the time has gone. But when time, was with me, that time we guys doesn’t know our feelings. But now I am thinking that my this step will resolve your problem and my husband’s problem too. Later Ahana says to Naina that I need some time to think before to take any step.  Naina says I understand you just think. Even I am waiting for you outside.

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Naina comes outside and sits there. After some time, Mr. Khurana is coming there. He sees Naina there and gets shocked to see her in five-star hotel. Here Naina gets a call and says that I am coming to 502 room number soon. Mr. Khurana hears her conversation and then informs Raghav about this visit of Naina. Mr. Khurana says to Raghav that your wife is playing here in 5 star hotel and you are sitting at your home. Great! Raghav gets shocked and then comes to the 5 star hotel.

Here Naina is coming int he room where Ahana says that I have decided that you will become a surrogate mother of my baby. For this work, I will pay you 80 thousand euros. Naina says that I want only 60k euros because I will purchase a patent of my husband and rest money will help him business start-up. Ahana says that you don’t know anything about business. You are doing your own loss. Naina says I want this amount only which will fulfill my need. Ahana says you are such a kind lady Naina.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th February 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, Raghav is coming there and rings the bell. Naina sees him through the door lens. She gets scared to see him. Ahana gets scared too and then asks who is outside the door? Naina says my husband is here. So you just go outside because I don’t want to create any scene here. Ahana goes inside and then sees them behind the door. Raghav comes inside. Naina asks you are here. Raghav says I know what are you doing here. Naina gets shocked and thinks that, how did Raghav come to know everything. Suddenly, Raghav says that I know you are coming here for taking a job. But Naina, this is not compulsory because I will do everything alright soon. Naina gets so happy to hear him. Raghav says that have you work completed. Naina says yes. Raghav says maa is planning to go back to India. So we have to spend some time with her. Naina says ok. Ahana thinks that it’s a blessed couple who loves each other a lot. Later Raghav talks to someone and fix an appointment for Naina’s mother in the clinic for her better health. Naina thinks Raghav think a lot about them. She hugs him and gets emotional. At last, Raghav says to Naina that don’t you take tension for me and my patent. Everything will be getting alright.

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