Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 15th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 15th December 2016 Written Update, Written Episode on

The serial start when Veer’s mom is in the office and then Veer’s Chachu comes there and then Veer’s mom asks that how you can sign on this deal without Veer permission. Veer’s mom says this deal was held by Veer but how you can do this? Pam’s husband says but Bhabhi now Veer is not here and he was the owner of this company but right now he is not. Veer’s mom says I know what you are cocking in your mind but I will not let complete your wish. Then Veer’s mom go away from there. She is getting so happy to see this Naina and Raghav are alright. Dadi says that I also wanted someone who is staying with me every time and who can support me very time. But in this case, you are so lucky to have a husband like Raghav, he is so nice guy. On the other hand Naina’s mom and Chanchal are preparing food for Raghav and Naina. Then Naina’s mom asks Chanchal that why are you doing help in my work? Then Chanchal says no mom because today Rghav and Naina are coming here. Chanchal’s husband Rajiv calls to her and says Chanchal we loose every thing then Chanchal says what are you saying? Rajeev says because Raghav is not real Raghav Mehra. Chanchal says please tell me clearly then he says Raghav is the servant of Mehra family and he is doing work there only for 300 Euros. Chanchal gets shocked and says please come back home otherwise I will loose my temper.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 15th December 2016 Written Update:

On the other hand all the Mehra family are giving interview to press. Then Veer’s mom tells to media that how Pam and her brother in law gets marry with each other. Then Pam open all the secrets of Pam in front of media. Dadi is getting restless because she is not feeling comfortable. Naina comes there and says Dadi I thinking you are not well. Then Naina prepare some Gadha for Dadi and then she give it to Dadi. Dadi take the sip and says today you remember my mom because she also give me like this in my childhood. Naina gets happy. Pam says to Veer’s mom that why you tell each and everything to media. Veer’s mom says because you the responsible for Veer’s situation and now he is living away from us. Raghav prepare some food and tea for Naina and then Naina enter into the room and she found some note there.

Naina read the note and then she gets happy to see tea and some other things. Raghav is also there but he is hiding himself from her. Then suddenly Raghav strike with something and then she asks who is there? Naina see to Raghav and then Raghav gets smile and says well how is the tea? Naina is happy internally but she is not showing her smile on the face. Then Naina says I going to washroom then Raghav says so please hand this socks on the door according to our morning talks. Naina go in the washroom and then she gets so much happy and laugh loudly. Raghav is standing just front of the door and then he says okay we have to go for the dinner so get ready asap.

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 15th December 2016 Written Update:

Sanjana says that Dadi is calling Lawyer at the home just to change her will. Actually, she is getting mad by giving her all property to Raghav and Naina. ¬†Everyone in the home are getting shocked to hear this. Veer’s mother is getting shattered and try to call Veer at the home. Pam and Veer’s mom are making plan that how we will stop to Dadi.

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