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The opening scene is Neel summoning his staff Pandey Ji about the pending presentation work and asks for the in charge.He asks why there is no slide in it to which Naina replies Sir Why don’t you get tired repeating the same thing over and over again.You keep on saying that if this is the quality if work then you shall suspend me at least 6 times in an hour.She also says that while working on the presentation, jiI suddenly remembered something very important.She says that when you are doing such a great work of opening a charitable trust in the name of Dadima I was also trying to correct my fault and I will pray that grandmother will be fine very soon.After opening the veil off the photo Neel feels guilty of unnecessarily summoning Naina and without expressing the same 3xits from the scene asking PandeJi to get the work completed.In the meanwhile, jiNaina says to Dadima’s photo that she will put it in the right place.

PandeJi asks one of the nurses to scan the slides and put it in the proper sequence.The nurse assures him that the work will be completed and he need not worry.She decides to take revenge for her son Parth being dismissed from his job.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update:

In the next scene, inaugural Neel ceremony of the charitable trust in the name of his grandmother Mrs.Indu Mehra that here patients will be treated as per their requirements and not as per their financial status.Parth asks his mother if everything is fine and his mother replies that as per plan today Naina will learn a very good lesson.

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When Neel says that I will 8nform you about all the services being provided by this wing and its expansion to other countries as well.While the presentation starts on obe hand the first being presented on screen was Naina’s pregnancy report which shocks her colleagues and it becomes the matter of discussion for the media people as well When one of the media persons ask about who is Naina and what’s the point of presenting her pregnancy report here?Both Naina and Neel get shocked to see this.

Naina says yes I am pregnant but I am married and a divorce. I also want to make it clear to everyone that the father of this unborn child is not my husband and I don’t want to disclose his name I am not guilty of this and to be frank, I feel proud to give birth to my ch8ld.This is 5he truth which you all wanted to know.Moreover, like my child has a mother who will love and fulfill all his requirements and will like a mother as well as a father. I am not at all worried about what the society has to say.She also talks to her child saying that this society only knows how to point a finger at somebody.However, I promise you that I will always love you and cheer up.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th March 2017 Written Episode:

Pandeyji in the next scene explains to Naina’s colleagues that whatever has happened is a matter of the past and while they disagree with his opinion, Neel enters the scene saying that if anybody ha the objection with her personal life then they may resign and leave.U am the boss here and it’s my office.He also asks Ms.Priya and Aarti that where’s your energy level gone now after having refreshments?

Naina also says that neither am I sick nor feeling guilty about my pregnancy.

Next scene us Rehaan talking to his mother.She says that you must be thinking that your father has added an extra burden to you with me and a brother like Armaan.She says that when Armaan was born it was a Grahan that day and I requested your dad as well as the doctors to postpone the delivery but they didn’t listen to me as a result of which Armaan has become like this. His brother says that let him stay in the jail for few more days and when I would feel that he is changing for the better I myself would bring him out.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th March 2017:

He also says that my late wife Ahana and me used to fight a lot but we also loved each other very much.She always longed to have a child.Now by surrogacy, I am going to be a father and before her death, she must have definitely hired a surrogate.His mother says that by all means please bring the child home and she expresses her happiness over this.She also advises him to start this work of finding the child after 2 pm tomorrow as there is an inauspicious time till then.

Zenobia in the next scene calls up Neel to find about Naina to which he says replies that she left the office in the afternoon itself.

Let’s wait for some more excitement to continue. Till then stay tuned…

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