Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 28th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 28th February 2017 Written Update, Written Episode on

The Serial start with the scene in which Naina is coming inside the home and recalls all memories. A song is playing behind this scene,”Ve Main Tennu Yaad Karaan.” Here Dadi’s heartbeats are getting high when Naina’s first step is coming inside the home. She is going inside dadi’s room and then finds Dadi in a bad condition. She gets scared and then calls Nurse. But nobody is coming there to help Naina. Later she decides to take Dadi to the hospital because dadi’s condition is getting bad. The Nurse is coming there and sees that dadi is not present on the bed. She makes a call to Raghav and informs him about dadi that she is missing. He comes to know that Naina went his house. Actually, Raghav is coming there for his live Interview but he canceled his interview. An Interviewer says that we will be facing loss if you will cancel this Interview. Raghav says that I will pay the triple amount of your loss. Raghav makes a call to Pandey and then asks him what was Naina doing at my home? Pandey gets shocked very badly. But Raghav says him to call Police as soon as possible.

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Nurse is making a call to Raghav and says that I caught Naina outside the home and then I take dadi to the hospital. Raghav says ok. Later Naina gets a call from her owner that Police is coming to her house just to arrest her. She makes a call to Naina and then informs her about the police. She gets shocked and then makes a call to Pandey ji. He cuts the call by saying there is no network. Raghav re-schedule his Interview. He starts his interview. Naina reaches there and starts to interrupt his Interview.

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But then Naina is giving a speech in front of the media that Raghav is self-made man but he gets rich in a small time. Naina says that he is a liar and poor from his heart. Even he is not looking after his dadi. He hired one workless Nurse and she is not taking care of his dadi. Raghav stops him and says that what do you know about my family? If you don’t know about my family then how dare you to say anything about my family.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

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Raghav and Naina are coming outside. Raghav says them to stop the live telecast right now. Later Raghav says that you are trying to trap me and my dadi. You just go and trap someone else. Naina says that I don’t want to change your thinking. But I just want to say one thing and that is, If I didn’t go there then dadi was getting into a big problem. Raghav says that I never trust you anymore, you are a clever girl who is always thinking about yourself. Raghav says that you are a characterless girl who can do anything anytime. Even you are not thinking about anyone or feelings of anyone. Naina says that when I reached there, Nurse was on the call and she didn’t see me once. But when I reached to dadi’s room, she was sinking very badly. So that’s why I took her to the hospital. Raghav makes a call to Pandey and says him to take their complaint back. Naina feels happy but she is getting hyper because of her pregnancy. Raghav gives a water to her and says her to become relax soon. Mr. Raghav says her that you will say to your owner that we had some misunderstanding. Naina says you are counting this matter in min-understanding. She cry a lot by saying that if my owner will throw me out from her house then where will she go? Where will I eat? Where will I live? Later Raghav comes out from there and sees that Jinobia meet with an accident.

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