Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial start with the scene in which Raghav and Naina are making laddoos along with all family members. Raghav is making small laddoos just like rasgulla’s. Naina is commenting him very badly. Sudha and Pam are making bad faces to see this happiness of Naina and Raghav. But Dadi is enjoying this game. Later Dadi says that now we will check out who made good laddoos. Dadi checks out and says that Naina is the winner of this game because she made good laddoos. Naina smiles and all other people are doing a clapping for them.

Dadi says to Raghav to make her eat laddoos. Raghav gives laddoo in Naina’s hand and says her to eat this. Dadi says him to give this laddoo in Naina’s mouth not in hand. Raghav says what dadi? Dadi says what? You just do whatever I told you. Raghav makes her eat laddoo. Everyone claps. Dadi says to Naina to say something for Raghav. She makes one lovely shayari for her. Everyone claps again. Later Raghav is saying a Shayari in presence of all people by taunting Naina with his words. Dadi says you are doing a good Shayari. Raghav says I have learned all these things from the life. So that’s why my all lines ate true. Naina looks on.

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Harjeet is making a plan against Naina. She thinks that she will use Parmeshwari and Sudha in killing Naina’s baby. She just to play a game of “use and throw”. Finally, she decides to go to Raghav’s home and talks to them about Naina’s baby. Suddenly, Rihaan is coming there and asks Harjeet that where is she going now? He added that you are going to meet Raghav again and as we know Raghav defamed us a lot. Then again you are going there why?

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Harjeet says that Armaan is your brother and he loves Era. So it’s important to go there and meets Raghav for Armaan’s life. Even though Armaan did wrong with that girl. But it doesn’t mean that we forget our responsibilities for him. So that’s why I am deciding to go there and talks to them. Even you also scolds Armaan for his mistakes. In the last but not least, Harjeet says that I am going there for the happiness of my son and if Raghav will defame me then it’s ok. Rihaan smiles and says that you are an outstanding mother who can do a lot of sacrifice for their brother.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 4th April 2017:

Here Pam and Sudha are trying to talk to dadi. They are saying to dadi to sit with them and enjoys a food because they missed a lot in last four months. Dadi replies that I can’t forget whatever you did with me before four months. But now I am just deciding that I will tell everything to Raghav or not? Even though I am thinking to give all property to Raghav’s baby only. Pam and Sudha are getting shocked. Pam says to Dadi that Naina is not pregnant with Raghav’s baby. She is not having Raghav;s baby. Dadi shouts and asks what are you saying this? Sudha says that Raghav and Naina were not living together in last four months, They both are doing drama in front of you. Dadi gets shocked.

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