Peshwa Bajirao 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Radha is getting angry after to hear about Naseer that he is trying to kill Baji. He already attempted to kill Baji. She decides to take revenge from Naseer at any cost. Radha gets ready and then goes to Naseer’s place where he is living with his sainik’s. Radha defeated all sainik’s and then takes an entry in Naseer’s room. But one man is coming in between and stops Radha from going inside Naseer’s room. Naseer asks her what do you want? Radha replies that I am not coming here to take anything but I am coming here to give you something. Naseer asks what? Radha says that my son Baji is still alive. Secondly, I want to give you something which your mother didn’t give you. Radha slapped him very badly. She beats him very badly. Later she threatens Naseer by saying that if you again think to do anything wrong with my son then I don’t want to get alive. She says that I tied my Baji in promise, if I will release him out from the promise then he will kill not only you, he will finish the name of Mughal’s. Naseer gets scared to see this avatar of Radha

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Here Raje says to his mother Tara Rani Saheb that it’s wrong to kill any innocent person. Tara Rani Saheb replies that we didn’t do anything wrong. Raje says we killed that pigeon why? Tara Rani Saheb replies that he was weak and his weakness is wrong. So that’s why you killed him. But now you have to make yourself strong to go in front of Aurangjeb. You have to fight with them for the war. Raje replies that how will I do this. Tara Rani saheb replies that I will make you strong.

Peshwa Bajirao 15th February 2017 Written Update:

Later Tara Rani Saheb says to his pratinidhi that I will be going to train Raje for the fight because I was getting busy in politics and that’s why I never looked after him. But now I will look after him. Mandhaar is coming back to his mahal where he is dictating like what happened to him? He says that he met one miracle baba ji who made me alright. He is doing whatever Bala ji was saying him to do. Mandhaar makes his king ready to meet with that miracle babaji. After so many efforts, he says to Mandhaar that you may call that pandit ji here tomorrow. Mandhara says ok. Later King says to his man to find out whether Tara Rani Saheb is having a connection with this miracle baba ji or not? He replies you don’t worry, I will find out everything.

Radha Rani is saying thanks to Pandit ji for helping here every time. Pandit ji says that you love saved him. Later Pandit ji is saying to Radha that you are only who saves Baji’s life from everyone. As we already know that Baji’s life is not so more. Radha starts to cry. Keep watching Peshwa Bajirao from Monday to Friday. Read also-> Peshwa Bajirao 15th February 2017 written update. Here Baji hears everything and then recalled the moment in which Naseer was throwing him from the big height. Here Pandit ji says to Radha that I am going from here and you will take care of your son. Here Balaji is changing his looks and going to the mahal of Mandhaar. All the sainik’s are coming near to Bala ji and his friend just to check out them before to go inside the mahal. Balaji is trying to hide one needle in his clothes. Actually, they are planning to kill the king of this mahal.

Peshwa Bajirao 15th February 2017 Written Episode:

Here Radha is making a rangoli and Baji is also sitting there. Radha says to Baji that me, and your father were seeing so many dreams for you. I was scared when I saw you in a bad condition. Here Chimna is whispering by saying, this Bihu is such a clever girl. Here Radha says to Baji to bring more turmeric from the kitchen. Baji is coming in the kitchen where some utensils are falling on him and he gets scared. But later he comes to know that he was seeing a dream.  Here sainik’s are saying tp Balaji and his friend to walk with your knees. Later they order to get up.  Bala ji is trying to go near to him but some needles are coming from an upper side. Here Aurangzeb’s  king stopped him and asks him what happened? Why are you coming here? Here Baji is recalling again pandit’s words that his age is not so big. He is Alpayun. He is getting scared a lot and sits in the corner. Biju comes there and asks Baji what happened? She says him that you don’t worry, I will take care of you. Baji says you don’t worry, I am alright. Bihu asks him to take a pickle from me. Baji gets scared from touching pickle container.

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