Peshwa Bajirao 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Radha is going to the top of the waterfall where she stands with Baji. She says that I am coming here to learn how to become brave? How to show a strength? Baji is thinking like what Radha will be going to do. After some time, Radha jumps downside from top of the waterfall. Baji screams and tries to stop her but she falls down from a large height. Baji screams and thinks that he have to jump downside to save his mother. Radha screams but she is trying to remove Baji’s fear of death.

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She jumps from there and shouts by taking Baji’s name. Bajirao is getting shocked to see this. Radha is falling down in the water very badly and she drowns inside the water.  Even she is not coming out from the water fast, she is calling Baji’s name before to go inside the water. Bajirao is recalling Pandit’s word that his age is not so long. But another side, he is thinking about his mother. He thinks to save his mother. But when his mother Radha is coming out from the water, Baji is getting so happy but he is feeling so helpless.

Peshwa Bajirao 20th February 2017 Written Update:

Here Tara Rani Saheb is trying to train her son Raje but he is feeling so weak. She says him to do everything whatever she is saying to him to do. But at last, Raje falls down very badly and gets faint too. Tara Rani Saheb thinks that she fulfilled her all responsibilities but she forgot her responsibilities towards Raje. She lost his Raje by forgetting him. So that’s why she have to try hard to make Raje strong. So that Tara Rani Saheb sits there by taking Raje’s head in her laps. She starts to cry but she makes a promise to herself that she will make her Raje strong.

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Here Peshwa Baji is doing a study with full concentration. But Chimna is sitting there and not studying there. Radha asks him what happened? Why don’t you study? Chimna says that my mood is not ready to do study this time. Radha asks what happened? Why your mood is not ready to do study? Chimna says that if Baji left playing games then I am also not studying. Even I am thinking that Baji is already very intelligent and after that, he is doing a lot of hard work to become first in his class. Radha says that I am happy to see this but I don’t want to see Baji scared like this everytime. So that’s why I am thinking to remove the fear from his mind. For this, we have to do hard work. Chimna says that you don’t worry, I will support you.

Peshwa Bajirao 20th February 2017 Written Episode:

Here Balaji is chanting some mantra’s just to show a miracle to Ghazi. But after some time, Ghazi’s beegum asks him what is he doing here? What is he chanting like this? Ghazi replies that he is just trying to do a miracle. But you just wait for a sometime because if you will see his hanging neck on the wall then you will understand that he can’t do a miracle. But if he will any miracle then you have to wait and watch for sometime. Here some sainik’s of Ghazi are getting shocked to see some people who are going against Ghazi. They starts to do fight with each other just to stop them. But all Mughal Sainik’s are getting angry and starts to do fight with them. Here Chimna is telling a lie to Baji about their mother. Baji is coming to save his mother. He sees her mother in the scary forest area. He says her to come back. But she replies that if you want your mother then you have to come here and save me. Here a weather is getting changed. All people who are sitting there, they are getting shocked to see this miracle. A strong air storm is coming there. Ghazi is getting shocked. Here Baji is getting scared and makes a request to his mother to come back. Radha says him that if you can’t save your mother then you are nothing Baji. Baji cries a lot. But finally, he jumps down just to save his mother.

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